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Motion 5 to the foundation meeting of the ICOR („Homepage")

(draft resolution)

The ICOR establishes a home page which in the first place is used for the mutual information and the active exchange of their participants. It thus facilitates the continuous information about fundamental statements, important country information and important practical activities of their members and is a method of the confidence building.

It publishes exclusively contributions that are in accordance with the adopted principles of ICOR.

This home page has first of all the form of a simple internet portal on which current and important fundamental documents can be read. It offers two possibilities of navigation: World region/country and languages. In addition it offers a simple search function in the languages English and Spanish.

It uses a simple design which expresses the basic idea of the ICOR and is economical regarding design and installation.

The home page is not interactive.

Every organization/party can set an article/information onto the portal and decides itself on the selection. The length shall not exceed 4 pages. The users put their articles themselves on the private sector of the platform; an administrator organizes the release for the public sector.

The languages are English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. The organizations translate their documents themselves into further languages if they want this.

The home page is not presented by someone; it is organized by an administrator who is answerable to the provisional main coordinator. The administrator checks only the observance of the agreed principles and then releases the contributions. For the time being the organizational responsibility for the home page rests with the Provisional Office.

The home page in addition contains the possibility of a literature market on which the organizations and parties can offer their literature. This serves the purpose of the mutual information. The sale of products is not organized via the home page.

At a later time the home page can been developed in direction of a common internet publication of the ICOR.

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