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Call for the strengthening of ICOR

by the ICOR ICC, 29 August 2011

Today's imperialist world order is based on a system of oppression and ruthless exploitation of humankind and nature.

A handful of international supermonopolies subjected the whole world economy to their will and erected a universal dictatorship to govern society. More than a billion starving people, chronic unemployment of hundreds of millions, over-exploitation of the working class in the factories, lack of perspective for the youth, discrimination and lack of rights of the vast majority of women in the world, racist religious and political oppression and not least aggressive wars and terror are characteristics of the imperialist world system.

To realize a new, liberated society on a worldwide scale, the exploited and oppressed of this world have to unite and overcome the existing power structure with determination.

To this end, the revolutionary parties and organizations need to overcome their differences of opinion, to create a power which is superior to the imperialist world system, to take forward the revolutionary perspective of the united socialist countries of the world.

With the foundation of ICOR on the 6th of October 2010, 40 revolutionary parties and organizations have taken the initiative for uniting the revolutionaries of the world. ICOR is an association for practical collaboration and for mutual support in class struggle and party building. The time had come, given the deep crisis of imperialism and the threatening of the foundations of life of humankind by the destruction of the environment. The wave of democratic national uprisings in North Africa and the Arab countries, the rebelling mass movements in the squares of the Mediterranean capitals, in Africa and Asia, the anti-imperialist struggles in Latin America, the worldwide upturn of the rebellion of the youth and the growing autonomous environmental movement demand such an organized association. This is the only way they can develop the necessary maturity and power which is required for the victory over the capitalist system of exploitation and oppression.

ICOR calls upon all class-conscious workers, the oppressed peoples, the militant women, the rebelling youth and the large masses, to make the building and strengthening of ICOR their cause. A donation will help to guarantee the financial independence of ICOR and a practical initiative will strengthen the building of the ICOR parties and organizations.

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations

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D-45899 Gelsenkirchen


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