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India: Preparations for Observing Fukushima Day Progress

Extract from "Red Star Weekly", Volume 1, Issue 3, 19 February 2012 CPI (ML), India

At all India level the preparations for observing the first anniversary of the meltdown at Fukushima are progressing fast. The Karnataka state committee of the CPI (ML) has decided to organize a march to Kaiga nuclear power plant on 11March demanding the shutdown of the plant and in support of the struggle of the people living in nearby villages against the nuclear radiation hazards they are facing. The Yadagiri district committee of the party is organizing a march to Gogi uranium mine on 11th March demanding the closure of the mining which is causing nuclear radiation hazards near the mine area.

In spite of the efforts by the central and TN state government to suppress the anti-Koodangulam movement, it is gaining strength with more mass support. CPI (ML) state committee has called for strengthening the movement. On 11th March the party comrades are organizing a march to Kalpakkam nuclear power plant demanding its shut down and to stop its expansion plans. The Anti-Koodangulam power plant committee in Kerala has decided to organize 11th March as a protest day demanding that the plant should not be commissioned.

In Maharashtra the Konkan Bachao Committee is organizing rally at Jaitapur on 11th March calling for intensifying the struggle for the scrapping of the plans for the nuclear power plant there. CPI(ML) state committee and TUCI are planning a march to Tarapore nuclear power plant demanding its closureAt Udaipur and Kota in south Rajasthan, CPI(ML) committees have decided to organize postering and protest marches demanding the closure of nuclear power plants. In Delhi the Anti-Nuclear Power Committee is organizing a programme at Gandhi Peace Foundation Hall on 12th March evening demanding scrapping plans of all new nuclear power plants, shutting down of all existing nuclear plants and universal nuclear disarmament.