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It’s the time for a counter-attack!...

TIKB Turkey


We woke up to a day of a custody rush targeting KESK. This time those who are filled in to the “bag of KCK” have been the trade unionists of KESK. Sixty five people including the chairman Lami Özgen have been taken to custody. It is said that there were seventy one names on the list.

One other common factor of the people taken to custody is that their being Kurds.

The fascist state terror intending to smash the dynamics of organised social opposition is primarily and specially aiming at hitting powers related to Kurdish question. In its background lies the fact that Kurdish people’s resistance constitutes the most effective and militant democratic power in today’s Turkey. They fear to death of the meeting of this dynamic with other social opposition powers and dynamics in Turkey with working class and labour movement being in the first place.

This is an aggression that is meant to clear the way of strategic policies that open an unrestricted area for the brutal exploitation of capital without having to stumble over even a minor oppositional blockade. Today who can claim that the strike of May 23rd and the resistance against the reactionary “4+4+4 law” are not responsible for KESK to be placed at the centre of the targetboard?

The growth of the libertine of capitalists is a process possible only if the poverty of workers and labourers deepen. This process may run only if everything is smooth. It is so because the depression of the imperialist capitalist world system and the results created by it get deeper. Turkey is facing the threat to be Greece more and more. They try to block a social turmoil created by a quake and to narrow its limits as much as they can.

Therefore, these operations are the result of their aggression to cast the society to a new mould as well. Those who resist, those who defend their rights, those who demand to expand their rights are placed at the keen end of the attack. Filling the prisons with hundreds of students, with thousands of Kurdish politicians, with tens of journalists and trade unionists has a reason. This is an open state terror to intimidate the society.
On the other hand, Turkey who undertakes an active role in realising the war scenarios through grabbing Syria by the throat is under the pressure of the hysteria of becoming an actor that affects the balances by leaping up to a regional power level. In so doing Turkey is trying to be the leader of “
Sunni crescent” compatible with of US imperialism and the strategic interests of Israel in Middle East. However, at this moment Turkey is experiencing the doziness and the pressure of the response it has received to its being more royalist than the king himself, by an anticraft whose coverage is two and a half kilometres. In this respect it is in need of diverting the attention of public to other directions.

The collaborator Turkish bourgeoisie is pushing up the level of aggression in and out every day. In fact, these dynamics are breeding and feeding each other.

Confronting this furious aggression and unrestrained conduct, it is a must to go beyond the defence reflex.

On this basis, it is an obligation to organise a united and massive counter-attack from the front in all forms and means.

To the streets, to action, to call to account!...