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No imperialist intervention in Iran!

TİKB (The Union of Revolutionary Communists of Turkey), 31 March 2012

The USA imperialism and its allies are after policies which would lead to the Middle East Region to new blood sheds.After imperialist interventions and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, this time Iran and Syria are on the target.These countries are on the target not because they are being ruled by retrogressive dictatorships, but they constitute a threat to the security of Israel.

Each and every direct or indirect offence to Iran is increasing the tension in the Middle East Region. Thety are preparing grounds for bloody civil wars and regional wars based on ethnical and especially religious diversities.

The reason for offensive acts and agitations against Iran by the USA imperialism and its accomplices is the urge of Iran to attain nuclear power.

Nuclear weapons and any other type of armament is the leading danger threathening peace and the future of humanity. It is a must to stand up and struggle against nuclear weapons regardless of whoever owns them.

However, the imperialists and their collaborators are carrying out a double faced demagogy on this issue.Today they possess most of the nuclear weapons which is a threat to the world peace and the future of humanity. Today Israei is the biggest and only nuclear power in the Middle East Region! It is estimated that it has minimum 400 nuclear bombs.

The USA imperialism and its accomplices are actually after the petroleum and natural gas sources in the Middle East. Controlling of petroleum and natural gas sources which constitute the major input for the capitalist imperialist economies and controlling the transportation routes of oil and gas has a significant importance in the superiority competition among the imperialist powers. Therefore preparations and imperialist plans to intervene Iran or Syria could not be evaluated without considering the competition among the imperialists.

The deepening of the crises in imperialist capitalist system increases the tendency of offensiveness that the system carries in its nature. The USA imperialism becomes more aggressive as it loses its power and hegemonic status and the competition among the imperialists is becoming more and more acute depending on the shift in the balance of power.

An imperialist military aggression to Iran or Syria will turn the whole region into a fireplace. And the flames of this regional war will somehow spread to different regions of the world triggering new wars and clashes. Therefore any imperialist military aggression to Iran or Syria will be a felonious attack to the world peace.

Consequently the proletariat of the world, suppressed peoples and unwarlike groups have to be wakeful, take action before it is too late and stand up agianst policies of military aggression and imperialist aggression immediately.