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Comrade Yasemin Ciftci is our Watchword of War!

February 13, 2012 MLCP Central Committee

A young heart has stopped. Our comrade Yasemin Ciftci has passed away as a result of the explosion of the bomb due to a technical problem while she was carrying it in the process of a revolutionary action. Thus she joined the caravan of the immortals.

Being born in 1989 in Seyhan/Adana, comrade Yasemin has been an example both with her young revolutionary life and her revolutionary will of action and determination to ask account. She stood out in our work among the youth and she pulled the attention with her natural revolutionary leading capabilities and properties of and she has turned into a symbol in the action and resistance of the young revolutionary generation and our communist youth. She will become a flag as the revolutionary militant and commander of our fight for the emancipation of women.

Comrade Yasemin became immortal as a fighter of a revolutionary action of breakthrough against the siege of liquidation imposed by the colonialist fascist regime of denial policies. As our revolutionary watchword of war, she wrote her name to our history of struggle with golden letters. She grows our struggle and sharpens our determination with her spirit of sacrifice that she raised in such crucial and special period we have been passing through.

Our party will turn the loss of comrade Yasemin Ciftci, our young communist woman fighter, into a bigger power of struggle, ask account for our comrade from the colonialist fascist regime with its revolutionary action and thus will be an answer to the process.

Comrade Yasemin has become a flare of revolutionary aspiration and insistence in our move of new political surge and developing the united revolutionary front of war.

In order to fight back the intensified colonialist fascist aggression and siege, we will donate ourselves with comrade Yasemin’s spirit of sacrifice with a higher revolutionary will and increase the struggle. This is our oath to comrade Yasemin!

Our party will increase the revolutionary struggle, it will make comrade Yasemin immortal and will lead the cause of revolution and socialism, for which she has sacrificed her life, with great commitment to the victory…

Comrade Yasemin Ciftci is immortal!

We paid a price; soon it will be their turn!

Down with the colonialist fascist dictatorship!


February 13, 2012

MLCP Central Committee

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