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Ehud Barak, out of Greece!

Press Statement of KOE, 10 January 2012

The visit of the butcher Ehud Barak today in Athens is another outrageous development, confirming the Greek government’s shameless choice to deepen the “alliance” with the Zionist terrorist state. This policy lacks any principles, is dangerous for our people, and leads to a deeper implication of Greece in the war games under preparation in the greater region. Furthermore, it is a policy opposed by the Greek people who, in their big majority, stand in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the total submission of the Greek government to the demands of the imperialist powers, the masterminds of this unprincipled and adventurist “alliance” between Greece and the Zionist entity. KOE fully supports the demonstration against the visit of Ehud Barak organized today in Athens by the Solidarity Association “Intifada” and others.

Stop all relations of Greece with the Zionist terrorist state!

Long live the deep bonds of fraternal solidarity among the Greek and the Palestinian people!

No Justice – No Peace!

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