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ICOR-Organisation on the Extended Terror List

by Tjen Folket, 19 April 2012

Norwegian daily Dagbladet reported on 30th March that Serve the People –
Communist League of Norway – was on the extended terror list of the
Norwegian fascist mass murderer.

Serve the People was regarded at one of the potential targets before he
conducted his terrorist acts 22th July 2011. We can learn two things from

- Firstly, that our work is noticed by our enemies – the fascists.
- Secondly, that it is necessary for communists to have a degree of
security around their own organisation.

Several people have questioned of politics of security when Serve the
People have got mor and more attention. In the Seventies and Eighties a
lot of people tried to ridicule the safety measures taken by the Workers'
Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (AKP (m-l)). Among those who have tried
to ridicule this there are also people who call themselves socialists and
a part of the «left». But this is another example that communists have a
need of some safety measures around their organisation.

It is not only necessary to protect itself against the bourgeois state,
but also agaist right wing extremists. The Utøya mass murderer was not the
first person to physically attack their sense resistors. Racists and
fascists are behind several attacks on people fighting for the opposite of
themselves in Norway:

- In 1977 the Oktober book shop was blown up by Nazis in Tromsø, Northern
Norway. Only coincidences lead to that no one was killed in the attack.
- In 1979 the Nazi Petter Kristian Kyvik threw a bomb against the Rød
Front 1st May protest in Oslo. One man got severely wounded as the bomb
blew off his right hand. (Note: Kyvik is still active – he is identical to
the man who tried to enter the court house today 19th April, alledgedly to
talk to the mass murderer)
- In 1994 and 1995 the Nazi Johnny Olsen blew off bombs outside the
'Blitz' house in Oslo. ('Blitz' houses the autonomous movement in Norway).
In 1996 the same man fired shots against antiracists during a protest.

In addition to this we have several episodes of violence and murders
commited by Nazis and racists in Norway.

The historical threat from our sense resistors is the reason for our
choice of protecting our organisation. We also see that certain newspapers
have been very active in surveying publicly who are active communists in
Norway, and have not put any weight on whether this is a fact or not.

We hope some Dagbladet journalists – who tried to survey a Serve the
People summer camp in 2010 and on several occations have taken photos of
protesters to publicize these without asking for permission now have a
sour aftertaste in their mouth.

Oslo 19th April 2012 - 500 metres from the court house

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