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New Year's Greetings to ICOR (in various languages)

by various ICOR organizations, in their original languages

New Year's Greetings MLOA


New Year’s Greetings

Dear comrades,

New Year is on the way! On this occasion, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to all of our revolutionary comrades. We hope that 2012 will be a fruitful and memorable year in our joint struggle against imperialism and reactionaries of all kinds in the present day world.

As the year 2011 passed, we witnessed many revolutionary tasks that were left to be completed in future. Thus, the New Year inherits problems, challenges and tasks to be solved, met and done. Therefore, this coming New Year is calling us for joint practical responsibilities, togetherness, commitment and resolve to meet new challenges, keeping the struggle banner higher along the revolutionary path to reach our objectives both nationally and internationally.

By October 07, 2011, ten years has lapsed from the beginning of the imperialistic occupation of Afghanistan. Here in occupied and invaded Afghanistan, the year 2011 was a more difficult one for us in particular and for Afghan people in general under the yoke of imperialists and their Colonial Administration headed by Hamid Karzai in Kabul. In this hard juncture, we have been trying to overcome the problems within our organization through internal struggles with hope to put (MLOA) back on the track and we did so and earned more yields which are not enough.

The US - NATO occupying and aggressive imperialist forces and their puppet regime in Kabul after 10 years of their direct and old colonial rule of Afghanistan and knowingly killing tens of thousands of innocent Afghan civilians, destroying this land and constantly and deliberately making its soil, water and air toxic by using toxic chemicals and bombs containing weak Uranium; proved and witnessed:

  • The total failure of their military operations of an imperialistic army of more than (150.000) from over 49 States and, at the battle field of Afghanistan.

  • The total failure of their “imported” democracy and other socio – economic projects, as a mask of occupation, on the political ground in a semi feudal-colonial country.

Due to such failure and under the tremendous pressure ــ economically, militarily, socially, politically and so on ــ the US –NATO Imperialists and Karzai Colonial Administration in Kabul decided to reconcile with the Taliban and other Islamist armed groups and share power with them under imposed constitution. This way they, especially the Yankees (who called Taliban not their Enemy!!!) want to maintain their military presence through so called “Legalization”?! of their “military bases” by illegitimated “Loya Jirga” in Afghanistan. By doing so, they want to meet their long term hegemonic and geopolitical goal in our vast region.

As we will meet new challenges during the year 2012, we hope this year will bring good news for us too. We look forward in the paved revolutionary path!

With revolutionary salutations,

(Omar )

Head of the International Relations Committee

Marxist – Leninist Organization of Afghanistan (MLOA)



Todos nosotros: por la paz, unidad, estudio y producción (2012)

Felices pascuas y un gran Año Nuevo para toda la familia

Cochabamba, Diciembre 2011


Queridos camaradas y estimados amigos:

A nombre del Secretariado Nacional del Partido Comunista-(mlm)-Bolivia, tengo la enorme satisfacción de hacer llegar a cada uno de ustedes y a las organizaciones comunistas y revolucionarias de todo el mundo, nuestro saludo revolucionario, deseando que este nuevo año
de 2012, sea uno de victorias para todos los pueblos del mundo que hoy ya pueden, claramente, avizorar en el horizonte, la derrota final del monstruoso sistema capitalista que caerá, principalmente, por la lucha de los pueblos que construirán, ya no tenemos dudas, un nuevo y mejor mundo en un futuro no lejano.

¡Salud y lucha, camaradas y amigos!

Jorge Echazu Alvarado.








Dear comrades,

We like to extend our deepest greetings to you for the occasion of the New Year.

The year 2011, was year of tremendous of mobility and full of anti imperialist, anti capitalist and anti war mass movements which we are putting behind. Presently, in the absence of the communist leadership, these movements despite their significant effect in discrediting the capitalist system globally and despite their continuities, still has not been able to become a turning’s point in the creation of such a condition that the revolutionary forces – domestically, regionally or, globally- be able to lead these movements.

Also, the World Communist Movement still has not been able to free itself completely from the burden of revisionism, seeking dissolutions stemming from that and anarchism and putting an end to theoretical dispersion and organizational sectarianism in order to become a powerful global force.

Under the present situations, imperialism and the global bourgeoisie which is in an intense fever of pervasive crisis where it sees the solution in aggression against the third world countries which have a vast amount of natural resources, extensive market, cheep labor forces, with important strategic position. That is why the Middle East and North Africa have been transformed in its regional invasion area.

Iran, which has a critical position in this region, whether through tough economic sanctions or by the military threat from Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv against it, can be a new target for the imperialist/Zionist subsequent move toward aggression. And the danger of involvement of the other Middle Eastern countries and even global war exist.

The counter revolutionary theocratic ruling regime in Iran for safeguarding its rule has intensified its severe repression of the workers, toilers, women, youth, nationalities and religious minorities residing in Iran. This regime relies on its military forces and by its reactionary policy, practically has opened the way for the imperialist military aggression, death and disability of millions of workers' and toilers' and the destruction of country's economic foundation.

Under the present circumstances it is necessary for ICOR to raise its voice of protest against the danger and the threat of invading Iran and to encourage workers and toilers of the world to oppose and denounce such imperialist military aggression and the workers and toilers’ oppression by Islamic regime of Iran.

In one word, the objective conditions for the revolution is good but, the subjective conditions in guiding the objective conditions is not yet respondent. To eliminate this deficiency in the New Year, we must double our efforts.




Dear Comrades and Friends,

For the New Year 2012, we wish you health, and courage in the struggles!
We thank you for your solidarity - We shall overcome!
Querid@s Camaradas y Amig@s,
Por el Año Nuevo de 2012, le deseamos salud, y coraje en la lucha!
Gracias por su solidaridad - ¡Venceremos!
Cher(e)s camarades et ami(e)s,
Pour le Nouvel An 2012, nous vous souhaitons santé, et du courage dans les luttes!
Merci pour votre solidarité - Nous vaincrons!
Дорогие товарищи и друзья!
Для Нового года 2012, мы желаем вам здоровья и мужества в борьбе!
Мы благодарим вас за вашу солидарность - Мы победим!
Liebe Genossen und Freunde,
Für das neue Jahr 2012, wir wünschen Ihnen Gesundheit und Mut in die Kämpfe!
Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Solidarität - Wir werden siegen!



Communist Organization of Greece / Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas (KOE)

International Relations Department








Sevgili Yoldaşlar,

Rusya’da BüyükSosyalist Ekim Devriminin 100.yılında 2017’ nin yeni bir dünya için ortak mücadelemizde başarı dolu olması dileklerimizi iletiyoruz…

Bolşevik Parti (Kuzey Kürdistan/Türkiye)

Merkez Komitesi


Liebe GenossInnen,

Am 100. Jahrestag der Großen Sozialistischen Oktoberrevolution in Russland

wünschen wir euch 2017 in unserem gemeinsamen Kampf für eine neue Welt viel Erfolg!

Bolschewistische Partei (Nordkurdistan/Türkei)

Zentral Komitee


Dear comrades,

on 100th Anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution in Russia we wish you in 2017 great success in our common struggle for a new world!

Bolshevik Party
(North Kurdistan/Turkey) – BP (KK/T)

Central Committee

K.İnan·12 rue de Rome·Boite Postale No:287·67000 France

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