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Police attacks Greek steelworkers - Solidarity demanded!

GML -Rode Morgen Netherlands

Rotterdam, July 21st 2012

Friday morning Greek riot police attacked the steelworkers of Helliniki Halyivour-
gia in Aspropyrgos near Athens. With clubs and batons they break through the
picket lines of the collegues who are in strike during more than 260 days. Nine of
the steel workers - including some of the leadership - are arrested, fifteen strike-
breakers are brought into the factory. The striking workers are denied access to
the factory. The men and women and their families are fighting for nearly nine
months against plans to reduce their working hours and their wages by 40%. In
all possible ways (threats, trying to divide, empty promises) the Manesis owner
has tried to break the strike, but all attempts failed.
Moreover, the strike of steel workers of Aspropyrgos has become a symbol of the
struggle of the entire Greek people against wage reduction, unemployment, so-
cial demolition - and has raised great sympathy. Across Europe the working class
and working people face the task to organize the fight for their future and the fu-
ture of their children - capitalism does not offer a future.
In turn, the steel workers realize that they do not stand only for their own job
and salary, but are an important part of the fight against all demolition policies -
that the troika of EU, ECB and IMF are forcing upon Greece.
This makes them especially dangerous to the big international corporations and
their governments, just like the Spanish miners. Therefore, both in Greece and in
Spain they try from the highest level to break the resistance by force. The police
unit used in Greece may be deployed only with permission of the Minister of In-
The steel workers are not going to be intimidated and demand: immediate with-
drawal of the MAT (Greek riot police) and immediate release of imprisoned col-
leagues. From all over the area, from Athens and all Greece, people are coming
towards Aspropyrgos to support the strikers. Political parties - including ICOR
member KOE - have called for a large demonstration on Friday night. Interna-
tional solidarity statements are being sent. Because all workers in Europe and
the world see in this a good example of how the fight against the crisis measures
from the big corporations and governments can be fought.

Solidarity messages can be sent to the union PAME, where the colleagues are or-

  • Down with the police occupation!
  • Withdrawal of resignation plans! For the future of the steel workers and all working people!
  • International solidarity in the fight against the laying the burden of the crisis on
  • the people!

GML/Rode Morgen Netherlands

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