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Statement by Trade Union Solidarity Committee on Maruti Suzuki Manesar incident

an information by the ICOR main coordinator

Trade Union Solidarity Committee

6, Neelkanth Apartments, Gokuldas Pasta Road,

Dadar (E), Mumbai. Phone No. 022- 24150750

July 20, 2012: Workers and Trade Unions were aghast when once again on July 19, 2012, reports reached about the turn of events at the Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar.

The major part of the media reports revolved around the tragic death of Maruti’s HR Manager owing to the unrest in the plant. Such was also the pattern of reporting in the past, when Maruti workers resorted to agitation some months ago, demanding the right to form a union of their own choice. The industry and media tend to paint such incidents as growing militancy of workers, instead of labour resistance to rampant exploitation, and for protection of their legitimate rights, honour and dignity.

Workers who create wealth, add value and bring prosperity to the nation are seen merely as a cost factor, a necessary nuisance, an easily disposable and dispensable commodity. What has appeared on the horizon of Maruti, has occurred in quick succession earlier in more or less similar incidents at Noida and Coimbatore and later in January 2012, at Yanam (Pondichery), where the union leader of the Regal Ceramics factory, Murali Mohan, was killed in a brutal lathi charge, resulting in arson in the area and leading to the tragic death of factory manager, Chandra Sekhar. These incidents emanating from the most abominable labour policies pursued by the industry, with a double dose of HR arrogance, are fully supported by the state

Growing use of muscle power in the name of security personnel and bouncers at the work place has become the norm, in their attempt to scare workers. Reports reveal that Maruti Suzuki Manesar management brought into action 200 bouncers to discipline workers in the plant on July 18, triggering instant reaction from workers. Bouncers are nothing but goons. Maruti workers retaliated against goons.

Trade Union Solidarity Committee at Mumbai joins the anguish expressed by the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union. Hundreds of workers are injured, hospitalized and arrested as a consequence of the anti-labour, anti-union policies followed by the Maruti management and the Haryana government. The Haryana government has shamelessly supported the Maruti management in all its nefarious actions against the workers.

We express our solidarity with the struggling workers of Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant, and call upon the Maruti management to cease its WORKER HUNT policies. We also demand that the Haryana State government shed its naked support to the Maruti management.

Such a change, we believe, is essential to make industrial peace in the area a reality, where workers can get back to work, thus ensuring smooth functioning of the factory.

N. Vasudevan

(Convenor TUSC)

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