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Thank you for support and encouragment

by SMKC, 10 April 2012

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Dear comrades, fellow fighters and friends!

We would like to thank you for your support and encouragment to us in fight against capitalism in the Czech Republic. Our webpage was truly shooted down at 19th December 2012 because of our view on puppet of imperialism Vaclav Havel, who died on 17th December. In connection with that, we were attacked by burgeoise media and militant anticommunists and fascists in emails where they said that they would like send us in to gas chamber but we received as well support and solidarity from peoples that did not agree with propaganda which was in all media in our country between death and funeral of Vaclav Havel. Our Webpage was restored in January 2012. At this time we faced not only attacks from anticommunist and goverment but also from the main „Communist party“ - Communist party of Behemia and Moravia (CPBM) which is controlled by reformists and revizionists, which like more trade with state-capitalist China than communist ideas. Marxist-leninist forces of this party are been supressed and attacked by party newspaper(when they cannot answer for those attacks). But we dont give up our fight for socialism and we according to our capabilities fight for overthrown capitalism.

Asocial and anti-popular legislation of right-wing goverment of Petr Nečas has worse impact then other capitalist goverment before. In last year there were in our republic some demonstration but there weren't class conscious and this is impact of politics of CPBM which

did not agitated in factory among the workers . Dissatifaction of the working class with goverment of Petr Nečas is growing, but they do not realise that cause of evil is in capitalist mode of pruduction. Our Union is trying, unlike CPBM, agitate among workers and shown them problem is in existence of capitalism. However, we operate in difficult conditions. We fight with threats and lack of finance. All obstacles, we will try to overcome in our revolutionary struggle. Our membership is growing and in comparison with young communist in other East European countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia), we have quite a large and powerful organizations. The Czechoslovak Socialist Republik was industrially advanced and agricultullary self-sufficient. Capitalism, however, that wealth have destroyed. Our agriculturally is no self-sufficient any more. In this time rapidly increasing price of basic food like eggs or pork. From our industry there is in function only car factory, but this factory has been sold to german corporation – Volkswagen Group. Capitalist goverment after privatization of industry and agriculture attacked education and health system, which was developed in socialism. The level of education system is falling down. Many young people failed to drugs and alcohol. The level of crime rate increase from Velvet Contrarevolution according to resources has increased minimally 30 %. The State Debt has reached the level of 1 and half bilion and still rising. The conditions and rights of the unemployed persons who number still so as in all capitalist countries increase, are very bad. As in Hungary where the unemployed people are bullied by system, in our republic they must go to post office three times per week like some criminals. Since 1989 has been Czechoslovakia and Czech republic like colony of american imperialism and its puppet goverment send army to countries like Kosovo, Afghanistan or Irak where the imperialists stole the source of people of that country. Our former Republic was destroyed and we are separate from our Slovak brothers and comrades. And also because we feel a great hatred for capitalism to what prevailed in the counter-revolution in 1989 and in destruction of Czechoslovakia. We fight and we will fight for the renewal of socialism in our country.

We will not surrender Marxism-Leninism, which we proudly defend against anti-communists, fascists and the revisionists. We are proud of our socialist past, the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. And we will not knee before any regime, which oppresses and exploits the working class. We support the ICOR, the all our co-members in fight against imperialism everywhere in the world. We are ready to cooperate with all the communists who are fighting against imperialism.

The Union of Young Communist of Czechoslovakia

The Union of Young Communist of Czechoslovakia

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