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We damn the fascist terror of State in Turkey !

by TIKB, 14 January 2012
We see the attack and oppression policies of the Turkish fascist regime against all opposition dynamics especially against Kurdish patriots. Kurds are in a position of being the special target of the state terror. Villages are bombed by F-16s, as in Roboski, guerrillas are burned alive in caves and tortured until it is impossible to identify them.


Almost eleven thousand people accused of terror are under arrest in Turkish prisons. Apart from the organized socialists and revolutionary activists, there are journalists, academic members, students, publishers, lawyers, trade-unionists, in short opponents from all sectors. There are currently 97 journalists, over 500 students, 40 trade-unionists and 36 lawyer in prison.

Kurdish politicians, leaders and activists are arrested with systematic campaigns. Only in the last six months more than five thousand Kurdish politicians, mayors, male-female and child patriots were taken into custody. Today the number of arrested Kurdish political persons in prisons is more than three thousand.

People are penalized relying on false evidences. Being uninformed of what they are accused of, they are kept in prison for months before they face the court. Kurds are not allowed to plead in their native language. Rights of defense of lawyers are restricted. Right to congregate and to demonstrate is disregarded. Students demanding free education, those wearing keffiyeh which is a specialty for Kurds are arrested for being terrorists. However the murderers of the Armenian socialist and intellectual Hrant Dink, on behalf of the state and those who order for his assassination are being protected. Even in cases of proven torture, the torturer policemen and army members are not penalized. We damn the fascist state terror in Turkey. We vigorously protest the oppression and attacks on socialists, Kurdish patriots and people, progressist democrat intellectuals and opposition powers.

We want to declare that we are in solidarity with the Turkish working class, Kurdish people, progressists and socialist forces who resist those oppressions.

January 14th 2012

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