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About the situation in Syria: support the Syrian and Kurdish People!

Reconstrucción Comunista, Spain, August 2013


The destabilization in Syria became known worldwide in 2011, when the protests against Assad government started . These demonstrations were formed by a large political spectrum: the Kurds and the revolutionary forces asking for changes and to end the Assad regime, the reactionary Islamic fundamentalists at the service of imperialism that want to implement an Islamic regime.

The repression unleashed by the Assad government is a fact that was exploited by the U.S. imperialism and their acolytes to try to destabilize the government and establish a pro-American regime - instead of a pro-Russian imperialism as the reactionary regime of Assad.

In these difficult circumstances, an amount of armed confrontations started: first of all, the reactionary regime of Assad, supported by Russian imperialism and the fascist state of Iran; on the other side, the so-called rebels - Islamic fundamentalists at the service of American imperialism-; finally, the Kurds, who have released their area, Rojava, and face both sides.

We can perfectly figure out, and imminently, a possible military intervention of the U.S. and its allies in Syria. We condemn this action and make a call to join forces in the struggle against the imperialists. We also condemn the interference of the other big imperialist block, the Russian-Chinese one, which also has interests in that area and wants to maintain the reactionary government of Assad. We declare ourselves against the two imperialist blocks: if there’s an intervention in Syria we will be opposed to it, but we will not support the wave that eulogizes Russia just because of mere folklore, because they are just as imperialist as the Americans.

We support the Kurds, the People's Protection Units (YPG) and Rojava. We support the people of Syria and their release from its reactionary government. We want Assad to fall, but just because it is the Syrian people who makes it fall due to its actions of massacring Kurds and oppressing their own people. We reject both those who justify the invasion of US-European block under the pretext of a so-called humanitarian task and pander to Occidental imperialism, preparing the justification of predatory war, and those who second the fascists of Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda in Syria). We confront the positions defended by the U.S. lackeys of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and those who dogmatically support Assad, ignoring the drama Kurdistan is daily living. We condemn any kind of interference, and therefore we are frontally opposed to the Anglo-American intervention.

For a consistent anti-imperialism!

Against all kinds of imperialist interference!

For the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people!

For socialism!