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You are here: Home / 2013 / Announcement of the Union of Revolutionary Communists of Turkey (TİKB): The working class has lost a brave son who devotedly dedicated his everything to his class, including his life...

Announcement of the Union of Revolutionary Communists of Turkey (TİKB): The working class has lost a brave son who devotedly dedicated his everything to his class, including his life...

by TIKB, 12 June 2013

Comrade Ethem Sarısülük has become immortalized today (12 June 2013) as one of the resistance figthers of the May-June Uprising.

Comrade Ethem was on the front lines of the struggle since days fought emplacement by emplacement against the insolence and terror of the fascist state which is fed by the neoliberal capitalist explotation and looting policies.

He has been shot in the head by a policeman in the war of freeing squares which are the hearts of social oppoosition.

Comrade Ethem was one of the frontiers who broke the police barricade in entering the Kızılay Square in Ankara on first of June. He and his comrades were fighting on the front lines since days in İstanbul, İzmir, Eskişehir, Antakya and Adana as well as in Ankara. Therefore his being shot was not a coincidence.

The walls of fear and the chains of prohibitions surrounding the society for years are now crumbling by the waves of a militant uprising continuing for days. Indignation burst against brutal neoliberal policies of capitalism in Greece, Tunisia, Egypt and Spain yesterday, has now burst in Turkey.

Different sections of the society are on the streets in this resistance.Even though the working class has not told its final words yet, it is also in the center of this fight. Comrade Ethem was one of the frontier workers taking part in here. He was a worker with a class consciousness who was working in Ankara-Ostim, one of the centers where dense humiliation and labour explotation are implemented under slavery working conditions without any assurance or guaranty.

Comrade Ethem Sarısülük has met TİKB during the process of getting out of the swap of liquidationism after the 4th Conference and the 1. Congress. He came together with the TİKB when tendency towards a struggle for militant socialism was rising and differentiation in the plane of revolutionarism was taking place. He took part in the frontier group of comrades which reflected the first samples of the policy of Fist of the Labour from which the struggle deserters of the liquidators kept away from. He was a member of the Worker Defence Committee which has executed the punishment action on the bloodsucker Mehmet Doğan who was responsible for the massacre on 3 February 2011 where 20 workers have been killed by tearing into pieces in Ostim. Along with his class consciousness and intuition, his hatred towards bloodsucker bourgeoisie have made him to become integrated with the militant class policy.

The working life of comrade Ethem had started early at his childhood days. There had been from work to work and from city to city during his life of 27 years. In summary Ethem was a proletarian who met difficulties of life early and developed himself in the course of his life.

Comrade Ethem was born in July 1986 in the city of Çorum as the fourth child of a poor family with five children. After Kırık Primary School, he went to Abidinpaşa Industrial School which he had to drop and started to work.

He did different things. He worked as a porter sometime and as a welder some other time. According to the statement of his elder brother Mustafa Sarısülük, “Ethem spent his life by devoting himself to loving people, helping people, sharing with people and working. He was a person serving his people.”

Comrade Ethem, involved in an other revolutionary organization previously, had established a friendly and conscious relation with the TİKB since two years. The friendly relation had then evolved into a comradeship relation for the last six months. Our militant class policy has been a determining cause in the development of his relations with the TİKB. He was especially involved in the Fist of Labour policy and volunteered to take part in a militant line in the process of working in the class.

The class hatred and indignation he had accumulated as a conscious son of the working class were at the high levels. This made him to step forward in all demonstrations as a brave militant. He was a fearless militantship which was fed by the nature of the class. In Kızılay he stood directly against the police terror with the same spirit of challenge, braveness and determination. And this made him the target.

The working class has lost a brave son devotedly dedicated his everything to his class, including his life. With our condolences.

  • Revolutionists died, long live revolution!..

  • Revolution against crisis, socialism against capitalism!..

  • We shall make comrade Ethem living in our fight for revolution and classless communist society!..

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