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Attacks on Adivasis in the name of Wiping out Maoists

by K.N.Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML), 24 May 2013

A section of the press in Chathisgarh has reported that a planned strategic  offensive  by many thousands of para-military  and police forces, with logistical support of the Air Force is launched  to wipe out  the Maoists from their  strongholds of Pidiya and Minappa of Dantewada district of South Bastar. Reports are coming out that in the attacks on tribal villages, many adivasis are tortured and killed.  Women are attacked. Truck loads of dead bodies are cartered away and dumped in distant places. As the corporate media is maitaining a self-censorship no details are coming out. It is an unpreedentedly barbarous assault on the predominantly adivasi people who are caught in the cross fire between the state forces and Maoists. It is a repetition of what happened earlier in Andhra Pradesh, in Jharkhand and Lalgarh in W.Bengal, but this time on a much bigger scale, in the name of wiping out the CPI (Maoist) influence from these areas of Chathisgarh. The CPI (ML) severely condemns this undeclared war on the tribal people of Bastar districts. It demands that the police-para military action should be immediately  stopped and these forces  should be withdrawn from the area and the government should call the CPI (Maoist) for discussion as they are demanding.

According to our repeatedly stated stand, the line pursued by the CPI (Maoist) is anarchist one and it is not going to help the resolution of the people’s problems or those serious problems challeging the communist movement as a whole. But, still CPI (ML) considers the CPI (Maoist) as a political force, and demand that  the issues raised by them should be solved through political dialogue. Instaead of trying for that, the central and state governments are resoting to heinous attacks  to wipe out the ‘Maoists’ militarily. As a result, the adivasi population of the area is facing a more serious situation than that of the ‘Salva Judum’ days. The CPI (ML) appeals to all democratic forces to come forward to condemn it and demand an end to state terror and to the para-military aggression on the adivasis of the area.

The CPI(ML) appeals to the leadership of the CPI(Maoist) to evaluate their hitherto experience and the repeated setbacks suffered by them during the last few years as a result of the ‘protracted people’s war’ line pursued by them, based on a concrete analysis of the present Indian situation, and in the context of the severe setbacks suffered by the international communist movement. The present situation demands a massive effort by all revolutionary communists to mobilize and politicise the masses for a countrywide mass uprising to put an end to the reaactionary ruling system and to advance toards people’s democracy and socialism. The CPI (ML) appeals to the Maoist leadership to put an end to their erroneous and suicidal strategic line and to uphold the path of revolutionary mass line. It should declare such a change of approach and demand a political discussion with the government on the one hand, and take initiative to join with the revolutionary left forces to organize countrywide resistance against the corrupt, anti people ruling system.

K.N.Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML)

24th May, 2013.

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