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Clearing up of the massacre in Paris

by ICOR Europe, 2nd Continental Conference, 23 June 2013

On January 9, the Kurdish comrades Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan und Leyla Saylemez* were assassinated in Paris. The blood of the martyrs was still wet when the Turkish government started a campaign of obscuring and concealing the massacre, actively joint also by the imperialists of the EU, first of all France. The detention of a collaborator of the Turkish secret service did also not lead to clearing up the crime and conviction of the culprits and the persons behind, although already more than 6 months have passed. Still in the dark is also the role played by the Western imperialists during the preparation, carrying out and concealing of the massacre.

The massacre of Paris is another part of the puzzle in the policy of annihilation and negation by the   Turkish state including the assassination of leading cadres and it shows the repression which the Kurdish freedom movement is exposed to also in Europe. The aim of the assassinations of Paris was to silence the democratic demands of the national Kurdish liberation movement for recognition of national existence, education in mother tongue and freedom of political prisoners

ICOR Europe demands complete clearing up of the massacre of Paris and that all those responsible and involved are made accountable. It will actively observe this process. It expresses its solidarity with the struggle for liberation of the Kurdish people, which includes the struggle for democratic and national rights.


* Sakine Cansiz was a co-founder of the Kurdish Workers' Party PKK and one of its leading representatives,  her special request was the struggle for liberation of women. Fidan Dogan was the representative of the Kurdish National Congress in Paris. Leyla Saylemez was a young Kurdish activist.


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