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DECLARATION to the working people and people's masses in the countries of Europe

by ICOR Europe, 2nd Continental Conference, 23 June 2013

All over Europe the bourgeoisie tries to shift the consequences of the deep capitalist economic and financial crisis on to the working-class and the people's masses and to save the degenerate capitalist system at the expense of humankind and the environment.

In all European countries this leads to resistance. Struggles are taking place everywhere, be it against the capitalists' attacks on job and wage conditions, against social cutbacks and dismantling of democratic rights, against the oppression of women, against the development of a police and surveillance state, against reaction, war and fascism, against national oppression and for the right of self-determination of the peoples, against environmental destruction and endangering the natural foundations of life, for better living conditions, for peace, freedom and progress.

Corresponding struggles took place in all countries and are continuing: protest actions, demonstrations, blockades, strikes, boycotts, general strikes, and rebellion of youth… Many struggles even develop across borders.

The European Continental Conference of ICOR declares its solidarity with all these struggles and points out their connection, because all fundamental problems without exception have a  common basis: the dictatorship of international finance capital and of imperialism, the Europe of capital.

Contrary to the reformists and opportunists of all kind, who convey the illusion of a social, democratic, peaceful and ecological Europe, the European Continental Conference of the ICOR has the view that in the end all struggles can only be successful with a revolutionary perspective of overcoming the profit-oriented system of crisis, war, fascism and environmental destruction. There is no capitalism “light”, there never was and there also never will be!

On 6 October 2010 the ICOR was founded as a new revolutionary world organization of the international working class and of the peoples of the world who are fighting for national and social liberation. On 9/10 April 2011 the European Continental Conference of ICOR was successfully founded.

More than ever it is necessary to develop an international joint front of resistance on the basis of internationalization of class struggle. To advance this struggle in every country in Europe and worldwide, that is the task of the ICOR.

  • Workers of all countries, unite!
  • Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!
  • Forward to socialism!


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