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For you, for me, for all political prisoners... FREE Alfonso Pérez

Reconstrucción Comunista Spain, 18th December 2012


The life of a 21 year old youngster is being consumed behind the bars of a prison. Alfonso Pérez came out of his home on the 14th of November to go, along with his girlfriend, to his neighbourhood´s pickets, in Vallekas. A few meters away from his home address they were arrested and taken to the Brigada de Información (Information Brigade), where they suffered endless extrajudicial interrogations from several hooded police officers that wouldn´t stop threatening, threatening even with future consecuences to their families, girlfriend, friends, trying to get information or selfincrimination  of a crime they did not commit. They are both accused of being in possession of explosives, a crime that according to spanish Penal Code´s article  568 is punished with sentences from 4 to 8 years in prison.

Without considering contradictions or the different police versions to demonstrate that they were carrying something they never had, on the explosive materials that were supposedly confiscated from them no one has been able to find one single fingerprint of any of the two accussed, just like the public prosecutor confirmed in front of the judge. And the tests they did were many and meticuolus. They didn´t find anything that would sustain their accusation while searching their home addresses either, while hooded police officers belonging to the Brigada de Información kept harassing the families, as if they didn´t have enough watching how their sons and daughters were treated like real terrorists.

These arrests were used as an excuse to search one of the meeting points of Bukaneros, a group of Rayo Vallekano´s followers that Alfon used to go to cheer up his neighbourhood´s football team. They didn´t find anything that could explain the accusation of being in possession of explosives, but the Delegación del Gobierno (government´s office) had already crimininalized a group whose social vindications are gaining public  notoriety. Perfect set-up to take down Alfon and his girlfriend on one side, and Bukaneros on the other side.
Even with this, and despite all the evidences that prove this is a new police set up, Alfon is not set free (his girfriend was freed and is awaiting trial), but sent to preventative prison due to higher state of proceedings requests. Even public prosecutor appreciates there is no escape risk, because Alfon counts with a familiar entrenchment and does not feature any premise that would prove that escape risk. But suddenly they start talking about "social alarm", that is not only false, it is also illegal. It doesn´t count on the criminal trial law to apply preventative prison. This makes Alfon the only person arrested on 14-N in Europe that is still behind the bars of a prison.

But they´re not pleased by kidnapping him, and a few days after being imprisoned they apply the FIES regime, that means, among many other things, the strict control of all his communications, including those he has with family and lawyer. Also severe restrictions, continuous harassment... It´s a prison within a prison, declared illegal not far ago by many organizations worldwide. Repression´s rise goes on, and police officers belonging to the Brigada of Inromation keep searching home addresses, searching job offices, and following an important number of Alfon´s friends day and night. Only beacuse they wrote to Alfon in jail.

The National Audience has rejected the resort against preventative prison, accepting the illegality of the "social alarm" as a main reason, but making up another one with the escaping risk, the same risk the public prosecutor accepted that did not exist. Not only it exists a police set-up, but the judicial covering to carry it out.

It´s very easy to imprison a 21yr old working class youngster, while corrupt politicians and business men enjoy total impunity or while the state pardons members of the Security Forces accused of torturing.

Because of all of this, familiars, friends and partners of Alfon, along with all the signing organizations and groups, demand his inmediat freedom and the absolution/forgiveness of all the arrested during 14-N

For you, for me, for all political prisoners...
Stop Police Set Ups...

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