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Resolution on Nepal

by the ICOR ICC, 2 November 2012

The ICC of the ICOR after discussing extensively on the current political situation of Nepal has concluded that -

  1. The dissolution of the Constituent Assembly (CA) on the midnight of 27 May 2012 without making the constitution was a setback in the democratic process in Nepal and has in fact created a very critical and complicated political situation there.

  2. ICOR emphasizes on it that timely measures should be taken to safeguard the republic or the democratic system as whole.
    If the existing political situation goes on deteriorating it is very possible that, firstly, thwarting the historical achievements of April Movement, 2006 republic and democratic system as a whole the country might take the path of retrogression or dictatorship of one or another type; secondly, the nationality, sovereignty, integrity or even the independent existence of Nepal can be threatened and the country might be declared a failure nation.

  3. The April Movement had succeeded because of the unity of all leftist, democratic political parties, organizations or forces opposing retrogression. Continuation of such unity of political parties or organizations supporting the April Movement is a national necessity even today to preserve the achievements of the April movement, republic or to enact a democratic constitution.

  4. The way out of the present critical and complicated situation is possible by making a democratic constitution, a task left undone by the dissolved CA. And that task can be and should be completed by the re-election of the CA. That necessitates that the parties or organizations supporting the April Movement should reach an agreement to form a consensus government to hold the election.

  5. The retrogressive forces of the country taking benefit from the existing political situation of the country are working their best to make failure the republic or democratic system and restore monarchy. Similarly American imperialism or Indian expansionisms are working in a planned way to weaken or curtail the nationality, sovereignty or integrity of the country. So the leftist, democratic patriotic forces of country should come together to save the country from the dangers posed by the reactionary forces both domestic and foreign. The future of Nepal depends upon how successfully these are.

  6. We have firm view that the solution of the basic problems of Nepalese people would be possible when a radical change takes place in the existing political, economic and social system and that is possible only after a democratic or New Democratic Revolution succeeds. Continuing our policies, programs or agitational movements to prepare ground for the revolution and reserving our right to struggle for that we should concentrate our main efforts in the present context to consolidate a democratic system and defend nationality. Fulfillment of these tasks will prepare subjective and objective prerequisites for radical changes or revolution of higher nature.

  7. The ICOR assures it that it will always stand firmly on the side of just struggle of the Nepalese people for the causes of democracy, nationality for the time being and for the cause of revolution in the long run.

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