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Support the people's uprising in Turkey!

MLCP Turkey/Northern , 4 June 2013

The spark which flared up at May 28 at the Taksim Square in Istanbul turned into a fire setting alight all Turkey. The signal rocket of Taksim was the start of revolutionary awakening, action and rebellion and uprising of the labouring people, the youth and the women against the attacks and the siege of the fascist police. The wave of revolt spread over 60 provinces of Turkey, first of all at the Taksim Square in Istanbul, the Kizilay square in Ankara and the Gundogdu square in Izmir. By means of gas bombs, rubber bullets, water cannons and truncheons the 300 thousand-strong armed forces of the police has killed two activists, injured hundreds, dozens of them severely within one week and continues to arrest thousands of demonstrators.

This uprising is the outburst of rage against the fascist tyranny, which accumulated for years at the labourers, youth and women! Yesterday the Kurdish people increased the Serhildan saying “Edi Bese”. However today the slogan “enough is enough” is raising in the West. The united resistance and uprising of our peoples against the collaborating monopoly capital and the AKP government is fermenting and continuing to grow!

Under the pretext of making the Taksim Square a pedestrian area the fascist AKP government banned the Mayday demonstration 2013. A real state of emergency was declared. Bridges and streets were closed for the traffic. Tens of thousands of policemen and security forces laid siege to Istanbul. The revolutionary and communist forces, progressive parties, unions and mass organisations resisted in the line of de facto legitimate struggle against the fascist police blockade and attacks. They have shown the will and determination to reconquer Taksim. They gave the clear message that they will celebrate Mayday 2014 in Taksim.

In Mayday 2013, the AKP government, which talks of the “solution process” in Kurdistan and carries out fascist attacks and detentions and is banning demonstrations in Takism, has shown both that its deceitful attitude in the “peace process” is continuing as well as its intention to frustrate the growth of the united revolutionary struggle of our peoples. The Taksim attack on Mayday is part of the political, ideological and organisational liquidation attack against the growing struggle for revolution and socialism.

The fact that today the “negotiation process” of the Kurdish question is on the agenda created the opportunity and conditions for the labouring masses, which were dazed, manipulated and blocked for years due to the poison of chauvinism and deferred their class interests and demands, to orientate themselves in the struggle against capital and government towards “the street, action and Taksim”. Because Taksim is the square of Mayday, the symbol of the historical accumulation, tradition and experiences of class struggle. Taksim is the square of labour and the working class. It is the square of the have-nots, which the AKP government is targeting accusing them to be “looters, drunkards and immoral”.

At the same time the AKP government and the collaborating monopoly capital is attacking the living environment of the laboureres. In the name of urban transformation green areas, historical and cultural values of the labourers are targeted and attacked. They want to expel the labourers from the city centres, from politics, actions and from life. Therefore, the lack of future in which the capitalist barbarity plunges in the laboureres and the youth, takes them to the streets today. The example of the peoples in Tunisia and Egypt who buried the dictatorships with their own will and actions is stirring up the working class and the oppressed and makes them move.

Our peoples are seeing and experiencing the attempts to establish a new Ottoman Sultanate in the country and in the Middle East with the “presidential system appropriate to Turkey”. They are rebelling against this governance and these politics. And they are saying stop to the government, which adopts reactionary-fascist laws and creates institutions for this purpose. It is expressing of the wish for democracy and of the urgency of this desire. It is the will and action to get rid of the fascist dictatorship.

The common thread of all the social strata participating in the uprising is the demand for political freedom. In Turkey the working class and the labourers are resisting against the attacks of disorganisation and “disunionization”. They want the freedom and right of trade-unions, strike, freedom of assembly and organisation, which are limited already but now openly wrenched from them. The strike at Turkish Airlines is continuing despite all difficulties. DISK and KESK are participating in the general resistance by going on strike. Women say no to violence against women, the abortion ban and the government policy of “give birth to 3 children”. The Alevi want freedom of belief, abolishment of the obligatory classes of religion at school and the Presidency of Religious Affairs, which tries to assimilate them and make the Sunni Muslims. The Kurdish people demand national democratic rights and the right of education in mother-tongue. The students demand gratis, autonomous, free and scientific education.

The chauvinist CHP from the clique of the ruling class and other nationalist-fascist forces aim for pocketing the movement, which is developing as a joint people's struggle, by means of different slogans and symbols, to keep it within the borders of the system and they resort to tactics and politics trying to make the movement a tool for reckoning with the government. The revolutionary and progressive parties will not allow the enemies of the peoples and of freedom to set back the movement, undermine it and knock it off course.

The MLCP knows that real democracy and political freedom will be achieved only by abolishing the laws safeguarding the fascist regime and smashing the fascist institutions; by overthrowing the fascist dictatorship. For this reason our party is calling for strengthening the revolutionary struggle against capital and fascist regime.

The fascist violence and gas bombs which the police uses against the masses in resistance and action in the West, were experienced by the Kurdish people for 30 years; that shows that a people oppressing another people also cannot liberate itself. The MLCP calls upon our Turkish people and the labourers to understand this reality, develop a united struggle with the Kurdish people and increase the struggle. Our party participates with its own forces and actions in the first rows in the militant actions of our peoples and pursues the goal to make this process a historic turning point in the struggle for revolution and socialism.

One of the most important tasks of our party and the revolutionary parties today is to strengthen and develop further the “democratic consciousness” of the labouring masses in the streets and actions which starts to dawn. This can be reached by coming together and uniting and acting together of all the national, ethnic and religious movements demanding freedom with the revolutionary and progressive movements.

The MLCP calls upon the international and regional revolutionary and communist forces to support the resistance and uprising rising in Taksim and Turkey. In the international spirit of “Taksim is everywhere, resistance is everywhere” it calls to grow the protest actions in front of the embassies of the bourgeois Turkish state and create pressure on the government representatives of the AKP with calls, faxes and emails.


Long live our Taksim uprsing!

Long live revoution and socialism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!



Turkey/Northern Kurdistan

International Bureau


June 4, 2013

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