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Against surrounding Rojava with trenches

from the International Bulletin No. 139 of the MLCP, 1 May 2014

ROJAVA Southwest Kurdistan, or otherwise called Syria Kurdistan has practised a democratic revolution led by the Kurdish people of Rojava PYD (Democratic Union Party). On 19 July 2012 the united democratic power of the people was founded mainly in the large villages and towns along the Turkish border of Syria.
In the Rojava revolution mainly Kurds together with the Assyrian people, Araps, Circassians and Alevi people, the people who live in the area, united on the basis of equal rights to defend the region against the reactionary war in Syria and to found a democratic Syria.  In the cantons Cezire, Kobani ve Afrin democratic autonomous administrations were founded.

While the labourer people, all quarters, villages, schools, women and the youth organised themselves in councils and joined the leadership, the people founded different peoples’ parties and the YPG (People’s Protection Units ) consisting of women and men fighters and the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) organised armed forces to protect the revolution.

The Rojava Revolution has led a more than 2-year lasting and ongoing strong resistance against the attacks of the reactionary forces with heavy weapons and has defended itself by having martyrs. Our party MLCP is honoured to have Serkan Tosun, member of our party, among the Rojava martyrs. Our party is continuing and will continue its struggle together with the Rojava Revoluion’s forces.  
Colonial Ankara made war plans with its huge military forces to suppress the Rojava Revolution. It tried to make the USA and the EU and NATO take the decision of a common imperialist occupation such as it happened in Libyan, and by that to gain Access to Rojava with its war Powers and to suppress the revolution.

However, its murderer plan failed. This time colonial Ankara trained and armed Al-Qaeda-close organisations such as ISID (Islamic State of Iraq and Damascus) and the Al-NUSRA- Front as well as the Free Syria Army and Islamic organisations that defend the Saudi Arabia kingdom which had merged within the Islamic Front in 2013 and let them fight. It lets them fight against the Baath regime as well as especially against the Rojava Revolution more than one year now.
In the last year the Rojava Revolution has fought by giving martyrs and determinedly against this grueling aggression led by the AKP dictatorship and won. It could defend itself.

Now it is said that the politic Islamic organisations in Rojava will use Sarin and similar chemical weapons. The chemical weapons were ensured by Erdogan’s government and it were the officers of the Turkish army who have given trainings on the use of them. In 2013 two militants of NUSRA had been caught in Adana, a bigger town in Turkey next to Syria with Sarin but were released after the AKP government intervened.
The AKP and the dictator Erdogan did not have enough leading the war attacks. They also founded an alliance with the bourgeois-feudal leading clan of Barzani to suppress the Rojava Revolution. As a result of this alliance, the Barzani direction closed the borders between Rojava and Southern Kurdistan. They tried to make the people in Rojava suffer from hunger such as Egypt did with the people in Gaza. And this wasn’t enough, a deep military trench was gouged at the border and a border police station is planned to be established as well.

the attempts to suppress the revolution through a military trench and closing the borders based on the alliance of Barzani with the colonialists of Ankara were followed by mass protests of the people of Rojava keeping vigils and filling the trenches again and again. These actions have continued.
On April 15 the soldiers of Barzani’s army killed a man called Yunus from Rojava who had come to the border to protest.

The government in Ankara has started before Barzani and built a wall with high barb wire just across the living area of the Kurds in Rojava such as Israeli Zionists did. They won the mayoral election in the little town Ceylanpinar next to the border by cheating and this is done so that antirevolutionary fighters could make the Rojava Revolution an anti-base. Whıle the soldiers of Ankara colonialists make Muslim fighters against the Rojava Revolution pass these borders with arms and cars, they killed more than 10 Kurdish civilians who wanted to go to the North.

In the North, ten thousands demonstrated led by the BDP , the party of the Kurdish national freedom’s movement, in Ceylanpınar, Nusaybin and other large border villages and protested against the attempts to separate the Kurds by Ankara-Barzani. There were also small protests in different cities in Turkey. These are important struggles to introduce the Rojava Revolution to first of all the Northern Kurdish labourers but also the other people and to show solidarity with the Rojava Revolution against the games of Erdogan-Barzani. Their effect among the Kurdish labourers and the other people will grow more and more. The Rojava Revolution will serve to develop the international unity among the people.

Once more, long live the Rojava Revolution against the imperialist aggression and the regional state’s colonialism and reaction!

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