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FOR MINIMUM SALARY 600 € in Slovakia!

by VZDOR – hnutie práce (Resistance - Labour Movement), Slovakia, 9 Febraury 2014

Open document, in which members of Resistance – labour movement and trade unions demands minimum salary 600 € for each working people in Slovakia, was subscribed by majority of unsanitary personell in hospital Myjava and next people are joining this document.

It is worth noting, that we demand mimimum salary for all the workers, not only for one sector or profession.

This amount, because we are talking about minimum salary, we consider as minimum for normal life of working people in these very hard conditions. Now I hear the voices of „professionals“ – economes, politics, that we are populists, that promise unrealizable, (for this we have populists in our country more than 24 years), or that we are stupid and crazy.

Now, I hear that this is impossible, because there is no money in cashbox. As well, I listen, that we will degrade the employement, because capitalists will not pay „so much“ money and better to employ nobody.

Please, listen their arguments very scrupulously.

CAPITALIST REGIME IS TALKING ABOUT ITSELF, THAT IT CAN NOT PROVIDE NEITHER MINIMUM FOR DIGNIFIED LIFE. Why we work, when we are not better, but worse and worse? For what is good this regime? And now, he hawe an answer for both questions. Because we are not working for us, but product of our work is going into capitalst parasites accounts. This is main reason, why the cashbox is empty.

We, working people have no right for minimum, they have holy right for billions from our work. Only for this is good this regime – to protect minority parasite on all-nation work. Slovakia belongs to countries with high enonomy growth, but in praxis, it means only the fact, that we produce more and more for less. It is indicator, how powerful slaves we are, but the media are trying to show GDP growth as common good, as it should means of better tommorows.

Slovakia is only cheap labour power for supranational corporations, so after all, not in vain, we have here a lot on automobile companies and another assembly companies or sub-contractors in which we are working for 300-400 EUR. Liberals, that declared themself as „experts“ about employement, are absoutely not interested in conditions of work place. They are able to throw all the nation as slaves and be proud about it! Pulling down the input costs, dictating the holy free market to which are liberals worshipping.

We encourage all – employed and unemployed, seniors and students to join our action! Together we show our solidarity, not just as colleagues, but as class, that we demand for all our rights! We vote to not to be, as to be slaves.

The sources for good life for all the people on planet are here a long time ago, so our demands are not popustic. By todays full-automatic technologies is no reason, why anybody should be poor. The only problem is, that capitalist production do not belongs to human for satisfying the needs and doing life easier, but it serve to few magnates for enrich themselves.

If this regime declare, that who want good life is crazy, this regime should go to dubstin of history. And if it do not want to go, we will help it as class against class!


Stanislav Pirošík

chairman VZDOR – hnutie práce

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