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On the anniversary of the assassination of the martyr Chokri Belaid: the truth will not be revealed. The suffering of the people will not stop with the Government of Jomaa and the new constitution

by the Patriotic Socialist Revolutionary Party Al Watad, Tunisia, 6 February 2014


The Patriotic Socialist Revolutionary Party     Al Watad

For a society free of man-to-man exploitation

On the anniversary of the assassination of the martyr Chokri Belaid: the truth will not be revealed. The suffering of the people will not stop with the Government of Jomaa and the new constitution

The hands of treachery and criminality spanned and assaulted the martyr Chokri Belaid last year on February 6th, 2013. This ignominious deed, followed by the assassination of the martyr Mohamed Brahmi, is the responsibility of the reactionary myrmidon, the ruling coalition, led by Annahdha that had connived this with the militia and the terrorist obscurantist groups who have so far been exerting reactionary political violence and terrorism on many political parties, organizations, groups, artists, students and others. Despite the long time that has gone by, the government is still keeping the perpetrators under cover to brush suspicion aside and puzzle the people.

The assassinations and terrorist operations are among the tools through which the authority that grabbed the reign of power is trying to set deeper roots and monopolize the power to save the reactionary pawn regime.

In addition to reactionary violence, these powers resort to weaving various conspiracies that aim at controlling the tense situation in Tunisia and obstructing the revolutionary path of the17th Dec/14thJan uprising with the support of supreme colonizing countries.

The process of changing the governments into structures that ensure the participation of more political parties engaged in spanning around the upheaval and serving the interests of the global monopolistic circles, thanks to which it will extend the basis of its struggle against the people’s uproar and revolutionary efforts of struggle.

Here are the European and American colonizing powers and their local pawns that are now forming a new government, counting fifth since January 14, 2011. Here is the government of the “Awaited Mehdi” they are now introducing to the people under the cloak of independence as the fruit of the so-called national dialogue. This lately appointed government has never been and will never become an independent government as it has been acclaimed, because it bears the prints of the American and European interference and the interference of the IMF, the World Bank, UTICA and the political parties represented by obscurantism, liberalism and alike. Since they all enjoy its support and consent both economically and politically, they immediately received the second sum of what is called the Credit Loan, that is, 507 million dollars which equals 800 million dinars from the IMF that will deepen the debts of Tunisia to the foreign countries.

The government of the Awaited Mehdi is actually an extension to the previous governments, especially those designed by the 23rd October 2011 system, under the monopoly of Annahdha and foreign systems. Thus, it will keep at its core the same political, economic, social, non-national, non-popular, and non-democratic options picked out by the regime of the constitutionalists, RCD then Annahdha. That is to say, this government is unable to solve the basic issues the people suffer from.

One of the conspiracies also, we name the constitution that seems like an achievement on the outside, while it is but a trick and a fake satisfaction to the people, since it formally recognizes freedoms and equality between individuals, but not between both sexes. Added to that, it is composed of too general statements about the basic rights of the working class, which will not radically solve issues of unemployment, healthcare, education, housing, transport, culture, social security, and so on. Neither will it generate solutions to the martyrs’ families, as well as to the general formulations that compose its contents, seen as irrelevant to the state before the people.

And since the state is a tool in the hands of the Rich to guarantee their interests and defend them, then this constitution, like the one which preceded it, will be under the will of the Rich in its application and legal texts that translate it. It will also serve their interests and that of the global capitalism, organically related as they are to one another. It actually grants democracy to the Rich since it translates the actual relations prevailing in society that perpetuate inequality between individuals, regions and both sexes.

Not only that, but this constitution does not condemn normalization with the Zionist entity following the recommendations of global Imperialism and paving the way to passing it and actualizing it.

On this basis, and in an endeavor to unite the reactionary pawn Imperialist powers to their clan through the National Dialogue conspiracy and to affiliate the opportunist forces within and participate in establishing Jomaa government, indebted to foreign states and elaborating a constitution that will oppose the people’s interest. The murderers of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahimi and many martyrs of the upheaval and other victims of terrorist operations like military and others, plans to make all this happen and decision-makers who gave the orders for execution will not be revealed. Gadhgadhi and the terrorist group who work with him were killed with no serious effort to arrest them alive only to bury the truth forever. The so-called National Coalition is basically a ‘coalition’ between the American and European colonialist powers in conflict over Tunisia, which automatically led to the coalition between their RCDist local allies, the Ikhwani and their followers to be later crowned with the formation of the actual government and the new constitution. Thus, the fate of Tunisia and the sovereignty of the people will always be in the hands of the colonialist indirect control, because no one should be duped by the Government of Jomaa, the new constitution and the sham splendor surrounding both of them.

Al-Watad National Socialist Revolutionary party warns against the attempts aiming at puzzling the people and underestimating their consciousness as to force them to give up their revolutionary path, at encouraging the so-called coalition with their internal and external enemies. Al-Watad also calls for revealing the government’s successive conspiracies, the nature of the hierarchical reactionary coalition in power and its policies that do not serve the people. The party also encourages the continuation of the revolutionary struggle to achieve the central motto of the upheaval “the people want to topple the regime”, the national democratic liberation and the actual social emancipation as it is the sole solution to put an end to the suffering of the people and the working class in the first place.


The Patriotic Socialist Revolutionary PartyAl Watad 6th February 2014

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