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The battle over Kobanê is of worldwide importance! Long live international solidarity!

English translation of the main article of the flyer of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) which was issued on the occasion of the nationwide solidarity demonstration for Kobanê (Rojava/Kurdish-Syria) in Duesseldorf, Germany on 11 October 2014.

Today hundreds of thousands of people in the entire world are demonstrating their solidarity with Kobanê in Rojava (Kurdish-Syria). That underscores: The struggle over Kobanê is of worldwide importance!

Rojava – that stands for the most advanced struggle for freedom and democracy: It is a model in the struggle for women's rights; it stands for equal rights without distinction of religion, race and nationality; a democratic self-administration is being built up there. The YPG- units and the guerrilla forces of the PKK have recently proved to be the crucial force against the fascist IS. It was also the YPG and PKK fighters who rescued the thousands of Yazidi threatened by the IS-fascists. That is why the IS-fascists are now trying to capture Kobanê with brutal force. However, they are being fought back courageously again and again.
The battle over Kobanê must become a breakthrough in the struggle for the national and social liberation of the Kurdish people as a part of the international revolutionary and working-class movement! A success of the Kurdish liberation struggle would be a shining example for the peoples, especially the Palestinians. A victory of the fascist IS would mean the threat of a strategic setback. The organization of the superiority of the proletariat and all oppressed through international solidarity and joint action is the order of the day!

Everyone must take a stand here! The MLPD has shown unconditional solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle for more than 30 years. Worldwide the ICOR, the international coordination of 45 revolutionary parties and organizations, organizes international solidarity. In a real solidarity pact it commits itself to active solidarity. The imperialists, with the USA in the lead, have failed in Afghanistan, in Iraq and then in Syria. That is why the USA and the Arab despots built up the IS against Assad. Then the West and the German government watched the fascist drive for months. Only because the Kurds are in the offensive and because of the outcry of the world population, they must now interfere half-heartedly in order to regain the initiative.

The ruling powers can no longer continue as before and the masses no longer want to live in this way. Something new is developing in the confrontation of the Kurdish liberation struggle against the fascist IS. This is a great chance for an upswing of the struggle for national and social liberation.

The German government policy toward the Kurds is being criticized more and more. It is a scandal that it upholds its ban of the PKK and refuses to deliver weapons to the PKK or YPG. It doesn't utter a single word of criticism about the suppression of the Kurdish liberation struggle through the Turkish government.

The MLPD calls upon all revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, democrats and anti-fascists to cooperate here closely beyond the boundaries of party-affiliation and world outlook.

The MLPD demands:

  • Hands off Rojava! Freedom for Kurdistan!
  • International recognition of Rojava as the legitimate representation of the Syrian-Kurdish population! End the embargo against Rojava immediately!
  • For an immediate end to any political, economic, military and logistical support for the IS!
  • For the ban and the international condemnation of the fascist IS and all fascist organizations!
  • Immediate reversal of the ban of the PKK! Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan!
  • Humanitarian aid for the affected Kurdish civilian population!
  • Weapons for the YPG and other forces of the Kurdish guerrilla, especially the PKK!
  • For the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people!
  • Long live the struggle of the Kurdish people for national and social liberation!
  • Long live international solidarity!
  • Workers of all countries, unite!
  • Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!
  • Forward to the united socialist states of the world!

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