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The darkness of the ISIS cannot enslave the peoples

by ESP Central Office, 11 June 2014


Iraqi city of Mosul was captured by reactionary the fascist gang named Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who is supported by some countries of our region, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia against Iraq's Al Maliki regime and Syrian Assad regime.

American imperialism's invasion of Iraq and attack policies towards Syria created the ISIS as a result. Just as Al Qaeda was created during the war of Afghanistan against the USSR in the 1980s, ISIS is a creature of the 2003 Iraq invasion and Syrian civil war in the period 2011-14. Today ISIS is put onto the "terror list" of the USA. However, this does not erase the responsability of the American and Western imperialism regarding the emergence of ISIS.

The invasion of Iraq by Imperialists under the pretext of “bringing democracy” has turned Iraq into a country of religious sectarian war. Iraq has become a country dispersed and divided by bomb attacts targeting Shia or Sunni people almost every day. Shiite Al Maliki goverment, supported by Iran, is incapable of keeping the country together. Sunnis have been excluded from politics during the U.S. occupation such as the Shiites were in the period of Saddam. One of the main features of imperialism is to alienate peoples from and make them enemies against each other, as a ruling order.

ISIS is a swarm of flies that have grown in this swamp. The civil war in Iraq and Syria had created and developed the reactionary fascism of ISIS just as some Neo-Nazi groups named Right Sector emerged from the crisis in Ukraine or fascist Golden Dawn emerged in Greece.

The government of Ankara desires to drown the achievements of the Kurdish people in Rojava (Western) Kurdistan and to carry out a covert warfare against Assad and Al Maliki regimes had supported ISIS gangs, sending them trucks full of weapons and ammunition.

Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Secretary Hakan Fidan was saying in the famous sound records of a meeting at the Foreign Ministry that; "We have send nearly two thousand trucks to Syria.” These records of the meeting was confirmed by the Prime Minister and the government. And now, this fascist monster that was supported by these two thousand trucks is turning into a pirate state between Iraq and Syria. The invasion of the Consulate General of Turkey and the kidnapping of the Consulate officials by the ISIS gangs in Mosul remind us the Turkish proverb “If you feed the crow it removes your eyes.”
The illegal sales of the oil to Turkey coming from the refineries of Deir al-Zor (800 million dollars annual trade!) are the main financial source of ISIS. This large volumed trade cannot occur without the approval of the Erdogan government.

ISIS is the enemy of the Kurdish people. ISIS repeatedly attacked the autonomous authority of the Kurdish people and committed massacres in Rojava. But thanks to the heroic resistance of the Kurdish Popular Defence Forces (YPG) they were repelled in each case. Now ISIS is beginning to threaten the Iraq Kurdistan Regional Government by moving towards Kirkuk. Now, Barzani Government which blockaded the Rojava Cantons during the assault disregarding the national unity, is under attack of ISIS.

ISIS is enemy of Armenian, Assyrian, Ezier and all nonmuslim peoples, and also is the enemy of Alawites and Shiites. ISIS does not recognize the right to live of these peoples and organizes mass slaughters against them.
ISIS is enemy of the women. ISIS excludes women from the public life, forcing them to live only inside their home. ISIS organizes women massacres based on some laws such as prohibition of adultery.

And now black flag of the organisation is waving over Rakka and Deir al-Zor in Syria to Mosul and Tikrit in Iraq. The peoples are being killed or oppressed through brutal sanctions in the cities which has the flag of ISIS over them.
However, ISIS is not the first fascist movement in history. Fascism will be crushed again, as always in history. Peoples of the Middle East will not surrender the darkness of ISIS. Only peoples break the ISIS darkness. In this regard Rojava Revolution is an example of our entire region. Revolution in Rojava shows us how important the fact of solidarity once again.
Erdogan's AKP government must immediately cut all ties with the ISIS.

AKP must be give up covert warfare against Assad and Al Maliki regimes and stop civil war policies against Iraq and Syria.
The arms transfer to the jihadist gangs like ISIS, al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Damascus or else in Sryia must be stopped.
Thousands of ISIS militants operating within our country must be arrested immediately.
Turkey must stop hostility policies aiming Rojava, and should start dialogue with the Rojava Cantons.

ESP Central Office 11.06.2014


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