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The RAG (Ruhr Coal Company) should not be allowed to get away with its oppressive acts

German miners' movement Kumpel für AUF (Alternative-independent-progressive), 10 March 2014

As became known through the Gelsenkirchen local newspaper WAZ and the Ruhr regional television channel WDR, at the end of January the RAG banned machinist Christian Link from entering all RAG mines.

This is no private battle between the RAG and a miner who has already been working in mining for more than 30 years. In the past years he has also made a name for himself as one of the speakers for Kumpel für AUF in public.

With what is practically a ban from his profession, the entire independent militant miners' movement Kumpel für AUF is being attacked. Kumpel für AUF has always been the first address for issues like the social rights of the miners and their families, determined environmental protection and against shutdowns in mining. We have never accepted the liquidation of the German hard coal industry! Kumpel für AUF is a project for the future, of a struggle for retaining the natural foundations of life, jobs and training sites for us and our children. These belong together like the ore and the rock. Kumpel für AUF has gone into public with topics like the connection between large-scale fracking and shutdowns in mining, the reduction of mine drainage and the threat of contamination through the underground storage of toxic waste.

What is the real reason behind the panicky reaction of the RAG?

  • Because there are increasing signs that the so-called „socially-compatible phasing out“ of mining is getting out of control?
  • Because the democratic public is more and more critical toward the environmental policies of the RAG after the destruction of hard coal mining, with their toxic waste storage underground and the plans for fracking?
  • Because miners like Christian Link and the more than 100 miners who are filing suit against the disgraceful contract M.E.C. are thwarting the moratorium of the grand coalition of federal and land government, RAG board and certain leaders of the IGBCE (Industrial Union for Mining, Chemical Industry, Energy)?


Because miners from 25 countries allied at the 1st International Miners' Conference in Arequipa/Peru in March 2013: „We will no longer tolerate that the preservation of the natural environment and our jobs are being played off against each other by the mining monopolies and governments subordinated to them!“

(Founding Resolution of the International Miners' Coordination)

On 5 February 2014 the RAG tried to justify its undemocratic dictate against Christian Link. RAG press officer Christof Beike declared: Mutual trust would be "seriously disturbed", as „Mister Link appears publicly with false claims against the RAG. We do not want to employ Mr. Link further at the RAG“ (WAZ, 5 February 2014).

RAG does not find it necessary to spare a single word about what the supposedly "false claims" actually consist of. They think it might suffice to yell "knuckle under!" and nobody would dare to contradict the mighty coal monopoly RAG. Anyhow, Kumpel für AUF stands in solidarity with Christian Link when he defends his democratic rights and liberties as elected works council member and local politician with an interlocutory injunction.

After all, because of the ban from entering the mines, Christian Link is neither being allowed to do his work as a works council member nor to present himself to his fellow miners in the current works council elections and get to know their concerns.

This considerably narrows the democratic character of the works council election.

Furthermore, he is being silenced in his political activity on the local level as candidate for AUF Gelsenkirchen in this year's local elections. What kind of morals allow a monopoly to dictate to a politician what he may say in public or not? Nobody can submit himself to such a dictatorship.

Movements for democracy in Ukraine, Africa, etc., are highly praised everywhere by media and government. But if a miner fearlessly makes use of these fundamental rights in his own country to serve the workers' and environmental movement, he and his family are bullied and threatened in their existence.

It cannot be tolerated when in the meantime numerous colleagues - from Kumpel für AUF and others who do not acquiesce to anything - are systematically being bullied.

Every miner, democrat, trade unionist and environmental activist is called upon:

We should not let them get away with this!

Whoever attacks one of us, attacks us all. For the immediate withdrawal of the RAG's ban for Christian Link to enter the mines.

Now more than ever - sign the call of Kumpel für AUF „For a future worth living for, for the miners and their families“.

Join Kumpel für AUF

Glück Auf - Good Luck

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