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Today Kobane is a homeland! Act now and defend it!

by MLCP Turkey / North Kurdistan, International Bureau , 1 October 2014


“Today, Madrid is a homeland”! was the slogan of internationalists in defense of republican Madrid against the military units of fascist Franco. 

 Kobane, the starting point of Rojava Revolution, has been under siege and constant great massacre threat of barbaric ISIS for 15 days. The ISIS mobs, who reached the gates of Kobane on 26 September, can make great massacre at any time. The AKP government in Ankara has supported the ISIS attacks by giving them weapons and ammunitions. It plans to destroy Rojava Revolution by using the ISIS and then to occupy the region through announcement of “buffer zone”.

 The ISIS mobs have got the heavy weaponry such as missiles, tanks and artilleries taken from Iraq-Mosul army and Syria Hezekiah regiments. And the people of Kobane and YPG (People’s Protection Units) have got Kalashnikovs and rockets in their hands. In spite of the extreme inequality of weapons, the people of Kobane and YPG will resist heroically and create the “Stalingrad” of Kurds. They have been continuing with their heroic resistance for 15 days now. However, the ISIS, leaning on the extreme superiority of weaponry, will try to destroy the city and cause a great mass killing. 

 The imperialist forces led by the USA have agreed to strike ISIS on the air. They again lit the fire of war under the pretext of ISIS. But, although they have agreed on the air strikes of ISIS, they consider it as something not to hurry up. They also plan to destroy Rojava Revolution by ISIS starting from Kobane and then to attack ISIS.  

 Although the Assad regime is in war with ISIS, it does not organize air strike against the ISIS convoys that are full of tanks and artilleries. Because he, too, find the destruction of Rojava Revolution, even by his enemy, in line with his interests. He also calculates that the war will also weaken the ISIS.

 All the progressive, revolutionary, communist parties, mass organizations, trade unions and women organizations of Middle East and the world!

 The revolution on 19 July 2012 in Rojava (North of Syria) has brought the people from all nations and beliefs onto power by uniting them on the basis of freedom and equal rights. They have established the people’s defense in order to stop reactionary civil war to harm the region. They have mobilized women with equal rights to take part in administration and defense of the region. Our Party, MLCP is also taking part in the Rojava Revolution and fights with its women and men warriors.    

 Today Rojava and Kobane is the homeland of the revolution!

 Support the resistance of the YPG, formed by the people of Kobane and their heroic sons and daughters, against the attempts of ISIS mobs supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Catar, and to stop a great mass killing and genocide!

 Act now to defend Rojava Revolution by organizing demonstrations, protest pickets, and actions in front of the consulates of Turkey and other regional reactionary states. Do not let the barbarians and the reactionary states supported by them to crush the revolution!

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