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Help rebuild Kobanê! You too put a brick!

from Construction Workers Union, provided by TIKB Türkiye İhtilalci Komünistler Birliği (Union of Revolutionary Communists of Turkey), 5 March 2015

This life rises on the basis of law of equality and fraternity depending on the organisation of people in an area where rotten kingdoms, bloody dictators as in the Middle East, tyrant war machines as Isreal reign.

In the foundation and the defense of this new life, women are at the very front.

Yet this process does not advance smoothy and easily as if “singing a song”.

Enemies of labour and labourers, the imperialist bourgeoisie and all the reactionary powers of the region do their best to strangle this distinct and newly germinating life experience before it blossoms and gains strength.

They tried to bring Kobanê to her knees by blockading and leaving the people with no food or medicine but did not succeed.

This reactionary gang of killers called ISIS, armed with heavy weapons, attacked Kobanê but could not bring her to her knees. Tiny Kobanê became the hope of the oppressed humanity and a position of the resistance. This gang of stooges called ISIS experienced its first major defeat against the brave male and female guerilla of Kobanê.

The bloodsuckers considered the fall of Kobanê to be “close at hand” but Kobane resisted for months with -so to speak- bare hands, did not fall, but turned to a wreck by the stooges of the barbaric capitalist system.

Until yesterday the mission in the name of laboures was to defend Kobanê. Today’s mission is to rebuild this wrecked city!..

Today the rebuiling of Kobanê is to be comprehended as an internationalist mission and a responsibility;in the same way as its defense was an international mission and a responsibility yesterday!..

With this feeling of responsibility, we, the construction workers who are members of the trade union İnşaat-iş, decided to join the rebuilding of Kobanê. In the first stage, we will go there for 10 days and work voluntarily. We’ll be at the point where our brothers and sisters of Kobanê need our labour and competence!…

We are not going to Kobanê only to construct buildings, roads, schools, hospitals etc.!… Our essential purpose is to construct the fraternity bridge of labour.

Just like the internationalist revolutionary fighters who have gone to Kobanê to fight in the days of resistance, we, as construction workers are going there to show our Kurdish, Arabian, Êzidi, Alevi….labourer brothers and sisters who live in Kobanê that they are not alone and will not be left alone.

We are going there to be a mortar for the unity of workers and fraternity of people, we are going there to place brick with our own hands!…

In the days of resistance our bloods got blended; now we want our sweats to get blended in the rebuilding process!..

Biji berxwedana Kobanê!

All workers and labouring peoples of the world unite!..


Construction Workers Union


Contakt: Serdar Ben: 0534 633 17 74


Adresse: Söğütlüçeşme Cad. Nüzhetefendi Sk. No:20/2 Kadıköy/İstanbul


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