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Against the criminalization of communists in Spain

by Marxist Leninist Party (Reconstrucción Comunista) Spain, 28 June 2015

On July 6 two comrades of the Marxist Leninist Party (RC) were arrested for having fought in the International Freedom Battalion against Daesh in Rojava.

Spain is the only country in Europe where those who give their lives fighting against the barbarism of radical Islam are pursued and treated as terrorists.

Once again we are witnessing a process of criminalization by the government through the mass media.

The two comrades are marxist-leninists who decided to join an international communist brigade, risking their lives for the just cause, the fight for freedom, for the emancipation of our class.

They are not terrorists, but those who have faced the terror of the Islamic State.

It is our duty as Marxist-Leninists to show our solidarity with them and publicly denounce this criminalization campaign against them and their party.

They are accused of belonging to a terrorist organization, nothing further from reality, they are members of the PML (RC) and do not belong to any other structure, while in Rojava belonged to the International Freedom Battalio, but upon their return they left the Battalion and continued their membership in their Communist Party. The accusation is unfounded.

All signatories of this statement want to show our rejection to this campaign of criminalization of communists, whose purpose is none other than ballasting the Communists and to avoid their consistency with such an important principle as the proletarian internationalism is.

For the acquittal of our comrades.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism!

Marxist Leninist Party (Reconstrucción Comunista), Spain.

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