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Principles of the participants of the ICOR solidarity brigades for the reconstruction in Kobanê

ICOR Main coordinator, 31 May 2015


Long live international solidarity! We selflessly support the reconstruction of Kobanê!

  1. Together with the population we build a health center. We work selflessly and unselfishly and without financial compensation, collectively, productively, diligently, full of ideas, economically and responsibly and fight with determination for our aims of the reconstruction of Kobanê. Our brigades are self-organized. We consciously adapt to the special local conditions (destroyed city etc.) Serve the people!

  2. Our work is carried out on the basis of consenual agreements between the ICOR and the Kurdish organizations – especially the KCD-E – and the bodies of self-government in Kobanê. We realize a cooperation on equal terms. We support the Kurdish liberation struggle and its connection with the international working class, women, youth and people's movement. Our guideline is international solidarity.

  3. The international solidarity brigades are led by ICOR, which appoints brigade leaderships for that. They make decisions binding for all. In the brigades we work together democratically, above party lines and on equal footing. In a disciplined way we implement the adopted determinations and decisions, realize a solidary culture of debate and develop a collective life in solidarity.

  4. We closely connect with the people of Kobanê, the workers, the youth, the women. We include the population of Kobanê and rely on the masses. We develop an internationalist culture with respect for the cultural and social customs of the Kurdish population.

  5. Our Kurdish partners took over to care for the security of the brigadists. We pay attention to the safety of the whole group and we behave in a prudent way. We travel at own risk.

  6. In Kobanê we represent international solidarity and behave accordingly in every aspect: optimistic, militant, impeccable regarding morale in every aspect. Alcohol and drugs or escapades of any kind are a taboo.

Condition for participation is the acknowledgment of these guiding lines as well as an application at and a confirmation by MLPD as ICOR organization responsible in Germany, the participation in a training and a minimum age of 18 years.

Gelsenkirchen, May 2015

Stefan Engel

Main Coordinator


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