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Situation in Nepal

by NCP (Mashal), 7 May 2015
Dear Comrade,
The situation of Nepal is very bad because of earthquake. More than 10 thousand people are killed and about 15 thousand people are wounded. There is possibility of the number increasing more.
More than 200 thousand houses are broken. As a result of this disaster people have to suffer much. People have to live under tents in many places tens also are not available and people have to remain under open sky. There is shortage of food, water and medicines. Our Party is working its best to help people. However our resources are limited. So whatever we contribute to people will be very little in comparison to their necessity. Many foreign countries also are sending much money to help people. But most of that is used spent by themselves and people get very few of that.  In the same time while coming to help people, they are interfering the sovereignty and national interest of the country.
We are collecting money, food, tents, and medicines for the people Nepalies working in other countries also are sending money or goods for the people of Nepal. In such a background we are very thankful for the donation you have sent to help people of Nepal. We take it as a token of International fraternity.
With revolutionary greetings
M.B. Singh

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