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Statement on Nepal after the Earthquake

by Nepal Communist Party (Mashal) - Central Office, 1 June 2015


NCP (Mashal) takes very seriously the earthquake that stroke Nepal on 25th April and heavy loss of people and property caused by that. The earthquake devastated Kathmandu and affected greatly other 29 districts. This natural catastrophe was so disastrous that it affected even our neighboring countries India, China and Bangladesh. This devastating earthquake knocked down many historical and cultural heritages such as Dharahara Tower, Basantapur Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhoka, Kasthamandap, Bhaktapur Durbar Square etc. Some village of hill districts have seen ruined fully. It is estimated that about 10 thousand people have been killed, more than 15 thousand injured and more than 5 hundred thousand houses have been destroyed by earthquake.

Now the country is in a situation of national crisis. So it becomes duty of all political forces, government, administration, social organizations and all people to come head to contribute maximum in every possible way for relief and rescue of the people affected by this natural disaster. Our party also will try its best to help in every possible way or try mobilize the masses for it. Our party requests the legal front near to us and all mass or class organizations of ours take initiation in this direction.

The government has declared to take all possible measures to help people affected by earthquake. But it is insufficient in comparison to the need of them. Foreign countries also are coming forward for the help of people. But most part of such help is spent to meet the administrative expenses of them and quake victims are benefited very little from that. What makes the situation worse is that some of the foreign agencies are more involved in spying or anti national activities than serving people. Our party wants to draw the attention of all people towards this. Thus in the name of earthquake they are trying to full fill their imperialist and expansionist objectives.

At the end, our party condoles the loss of lives caused by Saturday's earthquake and expresses sympathy towards wounded people. Besides this, our party requests the government to provide necessary treatment, help and compensation to the people affected by the quake.


M.B. Singh

General Secretary


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