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Statement on social unrest, strikes in Belgium and protests against the US

by VZDOR, Slovakia, 22 December 2014

Slowakei, VZDOR, 22.12.14

On December the 9th the article that outraged not just USA but the whole world appeared inthe  media. This article tells us that during the rule of  of G. W. Bush CIA interrogated and tortured the prisoners to gather the informations used for war against terrorism. Dick Chaney - the former vice-president of United States - has told to media, that these practices helped to find the leader of al Quaeda Osama Bin Laden and therefore he doesn't feel reason to stop using these practics. 

The country which presents itself to the world as a home of freedom and democracy is accepting the practic which are condemnable, brutal and no civilized country should adopt them ever. This discovery ultimately shows that capitalism nowadays is inhuman and its willing to use any resources and ways to achieve its goals as while as the people are being decieved by capitalism with ideas of freedom and legal equality.

Vzdor -labour party is refering to growing levels of unrest, violence and unjustice ongoing in the country which is trying to force their opinons upon the world.  This is why we think just to vote is not enough -let's get organized!

Wave of riots which are taking place in western Europe is showing us the way against the unfair exploitation of working people not just in Europe but also in the whole world.

On December the 6th 2014 125 thounands people demonstrated against the  saving policy , which was proposed by the new right-wing goverment of Belgium. All the members of IndustriAll Europe from Belgium, ACV-CSC, ABVV-FGTB, ACLVB-CGSLB have participated on this demonstration.

On December the 15th the general strike attended by the employees of airports, railroads and public transport took place. The hospitals are working in safe mode. Employees of educational system, administration and post office are also on strike.

These protest ot national scale are the climax of the sequence of strikes which began on 24.11. and continued for next two mondays. First phase paralyzed the port of Antwerp - the second biggest port in Europe. This is the reaction of the people of Belgium to the change of goverment governing since october the 11th.

It announced an increase of the retirement age from 65 to 67 years, abandonment of the planned adjustment of wages to  inflation and further financial cuts in the public sector, including health system and social assurance system.

Vzdor - labour party is highlighting and supporting the collaboration of the belgian trade unions organizing demonstrations on this scale and also connecting the working people from all the departments of industry and transportation services in Belgium. To vote is not enough  - let's get organized!


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