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The nation-wide education protests in the South African universities on October 2015.

Communist Party of South Africa ( Marxist-Leninist), CPSA (M-L) 27 October 2015


The Communist Party of South Africa ( Marxist-Leninist). CPSA (M-L) fully supports and pledges solidarity with the students who greatly suffer from the neo-apartheid and neo-colonialist government education system which is in favour of the profit-making system, i.e, the imperialist system which lives on excessive exploitation of the poor masses. Now the majority of students who belong to the working class and peasants are subjected to the inaccessibility of higher learning education and only the kids of the rich people who are getting access to higher learning and qualitative education.

The 10 percent and more than 10 percent tuition fee increases aim at preventing the students from furthering their education and there are many grievances of the students, among other grievances are the high rentals which are ranging from R26 000 and upwards per annum. As a result of the failure of the government to pay its financial obligation, i.e ,the financial loans which were granted to students who are unable to pay at all their tuition fees, now the students are not allowed to write their examination by some of the universities.

The racism is another problem which affects the black students in these universities, the former liberation movements failed to eradicate racism in South Africa or to liberate the people of South Africa from the imperialist oppression and exploitation. So the racism has been reformed instead of eradication. The imperialist countries together with the neo-apartheid and neo-colonialist government are now busy with the excessive exploitation and oppression of the poor masses.

The government and university authorities do not care about the misery of the poor masses what they care about are their profits. They do not even care about the question of high rate of unemployment which severely affects the working class and poor peasants which make them unable to pay the education tuition fees of their children.

The CPSA(M-L) calls upon, the working class, peasants and all the sections of the oppressed people to join hands with the students struggles. Only the united struggles of the masses are going to free them from the exploitation and oppression of the neo-apartheid and neo-colonailist government and imperialism.

The people must stand up and fight for a new democratic republic which will free them from the imperialist domination and provide the students with better and accessible education. The education system which will integrate the theory with practice for the learners at the earliest levels of learning, i.e grade I up to the university level.

Let us all fight for better and affordable the education which is controlled by the People's government not a private owned education.

Down with the profit-making education system!!

Down with Neo-Apartheid and neo-colonialist government!!

Down with Imperialist domination in South Africa!!

Forward with accessible education system to all students!!

Forward to People's government that will us to Socialism!!



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