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CPSA(M-L) South Africa, 16-07-2014


The Communist Party of South Africa ( Marxist-Leninist ), CPSA(M-L), sulates the heroic and uncompromising struggles of the Amcu members who went on strike from 23rd January up to 23rd June 2014 in the Platinum Belt.

The CPSA(M-L) also salutes the Amcu solid leadership who stick firm to the mandate of its members of the minimum wage demand of R12 500, no matter what. The unity between the workers and their leadership leads to victory at all times. The R1 000 minimum wage increase per month is a good success and workers must fight until they achieve 12 500 minimum wage.

This strike has taught many workers in South Africa and other countries that the workers can only achieve their demands from the capitalists, the government and the land-lords only through hard struggles.

This also taught the working class in the whole world that the bourgeois government will always protect the interests of the monopolies not the interests of the poor people. As it was the case of the neo-apartheid and neo-colonialist government of South Africa which brutally murdered 34 innocent mine-workers who were merely fighting for better wage increase.

There is no one who does not know in South Africa that the mine-workers for many years were and are still earning little wages although they are working hard, under bad and unsafe conditions. The poor people know very well now that the police brutalities under this government are similar to those of the racist police, who were brutally murdered 69 innocent people in Sharp-ville in 1960 and 26 students in Soweto 1976.

How can the ANC led government kill 34 innocent mine-workers by merely demanding a better wage increase?

How can COSATU leadership and SACP take the side of the capitalists and the government during strike in the mining industry and label Amcu as a vigilante union whilst it was fighting for the interests of the mine-workers.

The workers must not be confused that the leadership of COSATU and the SACP are on the side of the monopolies,(big employers) not on the side of the workers.

This is the time now that the workers and genuine trade unions leaders to serious discuss about the question of worker-solidarity because without worker- solidarity support to other fellow-workers, irrespective of trade union affiliation when they go on strike, their struggles can not be strong and be successful.

The poor people must realize that there is a need of People's government which will stand and promote for the interests of working class and peasants. The poor people need the government that will address their interests not the government which is promoting and protecting the interests of imperialism, comprador class and land-lords.

The only solution for this problem is to remove the capitalist system and replace it, with the Socialist system. Socialism is the answer, Socialism is the solution for all the problems face by the oppressed and exploited people. Without unity and revolutionary struggles the people of South Africa will not attain the real freedom and democracy. We must remember that no one will free us from the imperialist exploitation and oppression except ourselves.

Let us unite! Unity means serious discuss about the Anti-Imperialist Front in our trade unions, mines,companies,farms,townships,rural areas and schools.

Down with counter-revolutionary tendencies!

Down with capitalism!

Forward to unity of the working class and peasants!

Forward to the establishment of Anti-Imerialist Front!

Communist Party of South Africa ( Marxist-Leninist )

94 Caxton Street, Quigney, East London, 5200 South Africa +27 73 790 2623 Mthembu -

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