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by MLCP, 17 December 2015


There has been rapid change in the balance of power since Russia's active participation in the Syrian civil war. The US imperialism, which was leading the proxy war until than, has announced its intention for a transition period with Assad and later to solve the problem via election, by accepting Russia's suggestion. For that they need to achieve ceasefire among the battling groups in January 2016 to form a transition government in the first 6 months and to held elections in following 18 months. However, after the declaration of intention, the forces those who are fighting in Syria have accelerated their effort to protect the areas where they are in control and even to widen. So much so that the Western imperialist forces under the leadership of US through NATO, on one side, and Russia, supported by Iran, Hezbollah, Iraqi central government and China, on the other, began to do concentration war in the region following downing of a Russian warplane on the Syria-Turkey airspace.

The fascist dictatorship has opened the Incirlik and many other bases to the US and other NATO member imperialist countries. Today there is the huge accumulation of NATO forces in Turkey that has not been seen in the history. The fascist regime has entered into a process to renew its relations with EU by using the fear from ISIS and refugees, and with US upon NATO by using the case of Russia.

And now the Eastern Mediterranean is full of NATO and Russian warships. Russia begun to widen its bases in Syria and fortify its military power with S-300, S-400 and other weapons.

There was no such rapid and “determinant” military mobilization even at the Ukrainian crises. The Syrian civil war has already gone well over beyond being a regional problem and turned into a subject for settlement between imperialists in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. Actually what is it that brings the Western imperialist countries, headed by the US, and the Russian imperialism against each other in such a narrow area? Why the both sides take initiatives in this “dog fight” although both of them say that the unitarian structure of Syria and its territorial integrity must be protected? The answer for the question is not only limited with Syria. The main reason of the such rivalry with Syrian axes must be searched from the strategic importance of the Middle East for imperialist countries, the energy sources that the region holds and the route of pipelines which will carry these sources to Europe and world markets. And if we add to this the newly discovered oil and natural gas resources in Eastern Mediterranean, one would understood the reason of the fortification and show of strength.

Both sides fighting in Syria, the Assad regime supported by Russia/Iran and the oppositional forces, whether they will achieve result or not, are trying to strengthen and widen their sphere of control in order to participate in the planned meeting of Vienna in January 2016.

There are four fronts in this war. The PYD mainly fights against ISIS for the freedom of Rojava. The ISIS which fights against all other forces. Russia/Iran and Assad regime which fights against Turkman in the west Syria and other “Islamic” organizations under the name of fighting against ISIS for “clearance of the field”. And the coalition forces with the involvement of Turkey and under the leadership of the US which only bombs ISIS on the air.

It is not yet known who will sit on the table. The aim of Russia is to sit only the Assad regime and the Kurds. It may also put forward the Syrian Democratic Forces (SGD). In that case, the PYD would be invited on the table both by Russia and the US.

In any case, every side is seeking to strengthen its own hand. The concentration of the clashes in between western Syria and Azez region show the importance of the region both for Kurds and Russia/Assad regime.

This region is also important for Turkey. The control of the region by PYD would mean the unification of Kobane and Afrin cantons. And that would mean that Turkey's ties with Middle East will break out, that the “Kurdish corridor” nightmare of Turkish bourgeoisie will be realized and that there will be nothing left of “red lines” in their already bankrupt Syria policy.

Trying to find a solution without taking will-power of the people of Syria to the Syrian question, in which almost all imperialist countries and regional reactionary states have intervened to, will represent the search to find solution in accordance with the interests of the imperialist forces. Upon Syrian question, the US and Russia are in competition to design whole Middle East according to their own interests. The Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) signed by France and Britain in order to redraw Middle East map has now became history in practice. Now the map of Middle East wanted to be redrawn by the US and Russia.

It must be the duty of revolutionary, communist and progressive forces of the region to condemn these imperialist searches and efforts, and to organize the regional revolution in Syria and whole Middle East by taking side with Rojava revolution. The line of “third way” can only be realized by struggling both against the coalition headed by the US and the coalition headed by Russia. The freedom and democracy struggle of the people in the Middle East can only achieve success by advancing on this path. Therefore our party, MLCP internalizes the Rojava revolution, considers it as its own revolution and takes part in practice.

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