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Young, Beautiful, Smart and Aspiring Defeatists

by Partija rada (Party of Labour), International Bulletin, 6 January 2015


  During the cold war and the divide of Europe a great ideological and propagandist struggle was waged. The socialist camp, believing in the fast onset of the next stage of socialist revolution, tried through the communist parties to prepare the masses for these events, while Western imperialism, through modern revisionism, wanted to undermine the very ideological basis of the communist parties. Western imperialism had been quite successful in this field. Modern revisionism slowly spread through the bureaucratic structures of the ossified communist parties of the socialist block, all the while Western communist parties began to roam in their ideological orientation.

  For these communist parties in Western Europe, the turning point was in the seventies of the twentieth century, when capitalism began showing the first signs of a major crisis since the Second World War. The communist parties of Italy, Spain and France, who had massive membership, were already contaminated by revisionism, only they dressed their hideous face of reformism with the name of “Eurocommunism”. All of this under the slogan of modernization of the movement in order to adapt to the current situation. In doing this they betrayed the basic goals of the communist and workers’ movement that these parties stood for and thus set the stage for their disappearance from the political scene, and they rightfully soon disappeared.

  The global crisis of capitalism leaves ever deeper traces on the soil of Europe, and leads to the commotion of the masses and their greater polarization. This polarization leads to the renewed fascist movements that thrive in various forms, and the mobilization of the left. The latest leftist forces have appeared in Greece and Spain, and the growing strength of the movement in Italy and other countries.

 Of course the shift of the masses to the left is a cause for concern for the representatives of Western imperialism, because this tendency could push the masses towards the more radical left that hold revolutionary positions. Nevertheless, the great majority of the left in Europe is still holding reformist positions and they as such do not present any serious threat for financial capital. However, we must immediately state the basics – it does not matter for capital what someone declares himself as and what they blabber on about so long as they do not endanger the foundations of the capitalist system, or rather does not prevent the further spread of capital. We are witnesses as to how capital formed some of the most reactionary formations and utilizes them for its own purpose and support some of the most reactionary regimes only to mercilessly crush them For world profiteers there only exists one thing interests and only interests. This is why it is most important for them to keep European countries dependent on the institutions of global capital as the primary strength of modern capitalism, and NATO as its military force. Everything else is just to merely brighten things up, with nothing seriously connected to the historical processes of class struggle.

  Surely for the left the economic crisis and rise of SYRIZA (the coalition of the so-called “leftist parties”) is an interesting event. All media controlled by European capital expressed concern regarding the possibility of a victory by SYRIZA in the upcoming elections in Greece. The media is full of articles regarding the “young, beautiful, smart and on the left “and they are devoted considerable attention. They are “sharp and critical” but also “realists” and “show signs that they are ready to compromise and make concessions”.

   The key question being asked right now is whether or not to support SYRIZA or “SYRIZAcation” at all in the proletarian movement in the Balkans and Europe. Arguments used to support this are that they are the “lesser evil”, but a lesser evil when compared to what? Certainly they are the lesser evil when compared to the Greek fascists. However they are the greater evil in regards to strengthening the truly revolutionary left, because they are a cancer on the healthy body of the rebellious masses.

  No, they should not be supported, and this is not a question of tactics, or an expression of sectarianism. Rather this is the crucial issue at hand. Not because their ideas are not close enough to the real left, but rather because they dull the very blade of class struggle and allow for capitalism to consolidate its position, i.e.: shift their attacks onto other fronts in the class struggle. They should not be supported because the distance the proletariat from the class struggle and because they do not revolutionize the Greek and Balkan masses. They are simply the newest expression of reformism in practice – revolutionary in words but opportunist in deed. These “revolutionaries” are only indirect allies to the dictatorship of capital and their ascension into the halls of government only promoted them to representatives of the dictatorship of capital. Their failure and defeat at the hands of capital and the resulting disappointment of the masses will only open the doors for fascism as the final solution.

  SYRIZA and similar movements are not only damaging for the Greek class movement, but also damaging for the Balkan movement as a whole. He who does not hear the cry of the hungry and dissatisfied masses in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, and the other Balkan states, cannot be called a leftist. These types are not needed by the masses, as phonies can deceive the people for a period of time, but not forever.

  It is time that in Europe, especially in the Balkans; the revolutionary movement is promoted as the correct on in resisting modern fascism. The masses are ready and will support it, a movement that directly will stand against the dictatorship of capital. The prerequisite of its creation is a clear ideological difference between us and the so-called “agitators” from the New Left. We must remove the defeatists from our ranks, but this cannot be done with words alone, but rather with revolutionary action, and the masses will have sympathy for such actions.

With a revolutionary Balkan movement!


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