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Young Communists are immortal! We will ask account for the Suruc Massacre from the fascist IS and its collaborators!

MLCP Central Commitee, 20 July 2015

Worker, Oppressed, poor people!
This time, the machine of massacre, torture and violation, the fascist politic Islamic IS has shown its dirty face in Suruc. With a massacre targeting young revolutionaries without weapons and without defence, they added a new one to their crimes against humanity. The blood shed is not only on the hands of the IS but also on the hands of the AKP and the fascist militarist institutions of the denying colonialism. With their statements full of hypocrisy, lost in lies and demagogy they cannot cheat anybody anymore. Their complicity is obvious by countless proofs.
The attack of the fascist politic Islamic IS against the socialist youth is not a coincidence. Because, they fought at all the fronts of the Rojava revolution and the Resistance of Kobanê. They became Emre, they became Sinan, they became Ivana and turned immortal. Because they ran to the forefronts of struggle during the June Uprising, the Kobanê solidarity and the 6-8 October Serhildans. Because they were on the side of the workers and oppressed in action and resistance. Because they jumped forward in the women’s freedom struggle and the women’s uprisings. Because they did not bow their head to the fascist detention terror and the prisons. Because they are carrying the flags of struggle for socialism.
With this massacre, the fascist politic Islamic IS and its collaborators want to obstacle the struggle of the socialist youth, impede that the actions in defence of the Rojava revolution, the construction of Kobanê are reaching new circles, spread fear among the masses and impede that the united struggle of our peoples develops. We know very well the murderers and the fascist aims from the massacres of Mayday 1977, Maras, Gazi and Roboski. In vain! In the struggle both the defence of Rojava revolution, the construction of Kobanê and the rows of the communist youth will grow and develop. The masses will go forward in new waves of struggle for a free and human life.
Our pain is deep, however everyone should know that our rage is much bigger. The names and the memory of the young communist women and men becoming immortal at the massacre together with the young-hearted communists Ferdane Kılıç, Cemil Yıldız and the revolutionary Koray Çapoğlu from Trabzonspor will always be kept alive, their ideals will be hold high as our reason to live and struggle.
We call upon our Turkish and Kurdish peoples, the Circassians, Arab, Laz, Armenian, Greek, Bosniak, Georgian, Abhaz, Suryani, Roma national communities, the workers, women, youth and poor of Alevi and Ezidi belief, the Muslims who say no to the politic Islam in service of the order of exploitation and oppression, the labourers, peasants, LGBTI persons, intellectuals, artists, scientists to join the funerals of the immortals, to became one fist, one barricade against the Front of IS and AKP and grow the struggle for freedom and socialism.
The fascist politic Islamic enemies of our peoples, those being collaborators of the massacre, those acting without any respect to the dead bodies, those attacking our people who are using their right of demonstration in order to condemn the massacre, those carrying out a psychological fascist war based on lies, you will pay for that. This is our promise to these young bodies who challenge death with their flags of freedom, justice, equality of the peoples and socialism.
MLCP considers it as its binding duty to ask accounts for the massacre and grow the revolutionary war. In Turkey, Northern Kurdistan, Rojava and Sengal this debt will be cleared.
20 July 2015
MLCP Central Commitee

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