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Antifascist and antiwar action in Slovakia

Vzdor - strana práce (Defiance - Labour Party), Slovakia, 18 September 2016


Vzdor-strana práce- Defiance - Labour Party ( Slovakia ) has orgasnised
various supporting events due to  the anniversary of the Slovakian
National Uprising. We, as a party are proudly paying our tribute to
Antifasistic Heritage of our country and at the same time we want to
develop this heritage in all aspects even in present times.
In a village Medzibrod our party members together with our supporters
have made an all-slovak gathering where was given hold to five executed
guerilla fighters by Nazi armed forces during year 1944 as well as
another executed antifasistic guerilla fighters during next winter
months 1944-1945.

We have also attend an official celebration of anniversary situated in
historical center of the uprising - small mountain city in the middle of
slovakia - Banska Bystrica. Together with another significant slovakian
anti-fasistic organisations as Charta  2015 we organised public
gathering on square in the midlle of the city, right after we lay a
wreath on memorial during ceremony. Our primar aim was to demonstrate
against capitalism, war, NATO and for socialism and peace - "During
National Uprising was slovak nation not just grumbling in pubs, but
instead bravely with arm in hand rised against Nazis and all of they
local servants. Thanks to National Uprising, we are also still living in
peace" siad leader of the Vzdor - Labour Party Stanislav Pirosik.

"Slovakian Justice Department Minister Zitnanska is trying to put us in
a one row with fascists, but those are capitalist govermnets who are
leading us to brother kills brother wars, the same governments who are
accepting exploration of a man ba a man a nation by a nation, but we can
never accept something so hideous, just oposite, we are fighting against
it"" add Pirosik.

Another speakers, as Ivan Krajcirik and Peter Nisponski from Charta
20015 stated that it is exactly recent capitalist regime which is
creating all possible conditions for re-birth of fascism, the same
fascism that is growing again and only together we can secure peace and
freedom - the values which can be fully achieved only in socialism.
Peter Nisponsky further said that we communists are constantly marked as
extremists and terrorists... as an effort to discredit us in eyes of
public, but nevertheless, we will always stand in fight for common
people and we will always fight for fair and free system of socialism.

During Slovak National Uprising not only huge ammount of slovak people
join the struggle, but also lot of another nationalities, which has made
Uprising an real international event. It has shown an intenrational
solidarity between nations, during fghts against fascism. National
Uprising was spontaneous antifasistic struggle of our nation, on
contrary as today slovak nationalists together with slovakian extreme
right-wing are trying to convinceeveryone about anti-state and
anti-national menaing of it. Also for that this histoerical event must
be respected and honored in all forms, so we will never see the war
attrocities again !!! Let the history be our reminder.

Communist Resistance Movement is nowadays discredited and from our
modern so-called "historians" we can even listen about actually "zero
effect of communists on Uprising". This is showing an huge disrespect
for all communsit who were fighting and even dying for freedom of all of
us. History must be evaluated objecitvely and withou emotions -
nevermind which side of barricade is one standing.


en from Vzdor- strana práce- Defiance- Labour Party (
Slovakia ) Miroslav Pomajdík























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