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Comment on the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July 2016

RCP Egypt, Central Commitee, International Office 2016-07-19


Dear comrades 
         Red revolutionary greetings 
  We as a revolutionary communist party of Egypt  see that the failed coup attempt was a bad failed play from Erdogan regime to cover his corruption and AKP corruption also his failure at syria side to side with the dependence on USA government. Erdogan wants to cover his intrference at Syria by supporting the fascist terroristic Islamic power by money , logestics and intelligence . He wants to rescue his regime from collapse due to his policy in and out Turkey. He wanted to tight the security fist and end any progressive or democratic movements and to gain support to his fascist war on Kurdish people. We saw if supposed it is a real coup its an attempt to save bourgoisie from Erdogan policies that take it to collapse. We saw that this conflict deos not belongs to working class  as its bourgoisie - bourgoisie conflict at Turkey and the solution should be revolutionary struggle to Socialism by the leadership of working class and its alloy from oppressed and in the vanguard  Communist party. 
  R.C.P. Egypt 
   Central commitee 
   International office.

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