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by VZDOR, 8 December 2016

The day of final victory of counterrevolition in Czechoslovakia was in
slovak anticapitalist movement in atmosphere of cooperation and better
relationship because of increasing fascizm in people and anticommunism
in governments.
We need to defend against fascizm and anticommunism and popularize
socializm. Only this way we can change future - future of peace and
socialism, not war and fascizm and later peace and socializm.

On this day communist and leftists groups and parties organized event
"November 1989 - the biggest swindle of century". All the organisations
mobilized to this action. The goals of this demonstration was to demasc
capitalism after 1989, present way of socialism and show new-born action
unity between two communist parties - Communist party of Slovakia and
Resistance-Labour party. After meeting was a press conference about
common approach in these hard times. That does not mean, that both
parties have the same idea of ideology and style of work, the
differences are still the same, but this is cooperation about

On demontration had speech:

Chairman of Communist party of Slovakia Jozef Hrdička

Chairman of Resistance - Labour party Stanislav Pirošík

Chairman of "Front of leftist youth" Artur Bekmatov

Representative of initiative "CROWD TWO"  (DAV DVA), Tomáš Klimek

Next, there was official opening of "Museum of capitalist crimes", that
you can find on page
Museum as common project of two parties was opened by cutting the
one-dollar bank-note by two chairmans
video from opening:

On the end was greetings for Czech organisation "Left perspective" and

At the last was playing and singing "The Internationale". During this
song, chairman of Resistance-Labour party wanted to highlight the
atmosphere and detonated red smoke pyrotechnic.
After this Police start taking him as "violator" and "provocateur" of
demonstration. Stanislav Pirošík was in police cell for 91 hours and
doomed for "riotious conduct". He must pay fine 200 €
Interesting on this act is, that before one year and in some place
another activists start with three smokebombs and police did nothing.
You can see comparation on this picture.
Next interesting is fact, that nobody was this long-time in police cell.
Pirošík changed three roommates that was free from 24 to 48 hours.

Link what happened during "The Internationale" - here:

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