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Highest Tribute to Comrade Fidel Castro: Great Leader of the Cuban Revolution, inspiration to the Peoples’ of the World

by RMP, 18 December 2016

We express our most heartfelt condolences to the Castro family, the Cuban people, the Communist Party of Cuba and government of Cuba over the passing away of Comrade Fidel Castro, the great revolutionary leader of the Cuban people and founder of the Communist Party of Cuba.

We pay the highest tribute to him for leading the revolutionary struggles of his people and achieving great victories in upholding national sovereignty and independence, advancing the cause of socialism, contributing to the worldwide struggles for national and social liberation and inspiring the people of the world to persevere in the struggle for socialism and communism against US imperialism and all reaction.

The greatness of the Cuban revolution under the leadership of Fidel Castro is immediately recognized by considering the fact that Cuba is a small country quite near the US and yet the Cuban people have succeeded in liberating themselves from this imperialist monster, in defeating its aggressive actions such as that in the Bay of Pigs, countering the threat of nuclear attack, frustrating countless acts of sabotage and the hundreds of assassination attempts on Fidel Castro and prevailing over the most sustained embargo ever waged by US imperialism against any country.

Under the leadership of Fidel Castro, the revolutionary proletariat and people of Cuba have stood out as the most formidable revolutionary force inspiring the people of Latin America to fight for national independence, democracy and socialism against US imperialism. They have not wavered in taking the road of anti-imperialist resistance even during the “special period” when drastic adjustments had to be made in the face of the disintegration of revisionist regimes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Up to recent times, they have cooperated with Venezuela and other Latin American countries in building the ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas) in accordance with the principles of social welfare and mutual economic aid and in opposition to imperialist and reactionary policies, especially neoliberalism, subversion and military intervention. They are known for outstanding policies and acts of internationalism not only in Latin America but also on a far wider scale.

They have played a major role in the tricontinental movement of anti-imperialist governments and peoples earlier inspired by the Bandung Conference and then by the Non-Aligned Movement. Under the direction of Fidel Castro, Cuba played a major role in fighting the forces of imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism. As an outstanding example, Cuban troops frustrated the armed forces of the South African apartheid regime and made way for the national independence of the people of South Africa. In several countries, Cuban doctors, agricultural specialists and teachers have helped on humanitarian missions.

Fidel Castro will always be remembered as a great revolutionary leader who held his ground in Cuba, accomplished what was possible and continued to fight for the cause of national and social liberation, for socialism and for the ultimate goal of communism despite the dismal conditions resulting from the betrayal of socialism by the modern revisionists, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent ideological, political, economic and military offensives of the US and its imperialist allies.

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