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Interview of VZDOR-strana práce chairman Stanislav Pirošík with bulgarian student

by VZDOR, 10 October 2016

Dear comrades,

we are sending You a short interview of chairman of
VZDOR-strana práce Stanislav Pirošík with bulgarian student. We
communicate in english, so we think it should be good for use this
interview for ICOR too.
Last questions was not answered because of time.
Just for understanding our party and Slovak nation.
Best regards,
international commision
VZDOR-strana práce,


Name: Stanislav Pirošík

Age: 28

Education: Secondary school – constructions, graphical systems, High school - Journalism

Marital status: merried

Occupation: Technical insulations project manager

When and where were you born?

I was born July 11 in North of Slovakia

Where did you study? (High school and University)?

I study machinery constructions and graphical systems in secondary industrial school, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia. My University is Catholic university in Ružomberok - Journalism

Are you married? If yes when did you get married? Do you have kids?

I am married one year, I have one daughter

Tell something about your family. Where did it come from? What is your parents’ job?

My parents come from classic working class Czechoslovak family. My mother works all-the life in medical care department, as nurse. Father was driver and automobile-mechanic

Were your parents members of the Communist Party?

No, they were not. If somebody think that today communists are family of ex-“nomenclature”, he is failed. Ex-nomenclature and their families are biggest capitalist, because they never was communists.

First I’d like to know more about Vzdor. Some history of the party, mission and how do you see the future?

Resistance-labour party is party of revolutionary-thinking marxists-leninists, who start to do something with build real and active communist movement in Slovakia. A lot of our foundation members was member of Communist party of Slovakia, but only one communist on this party is name. Party was communist only from nostalgy, but not for change the world, fight for future. It was only memorial acts and there is very different things about which we are talking on our meetings, and about what are talking in “communist” party. As You can see on our videos most of us are working people in productive age. We were found in 2013 but after long struggle in Communist party of Slovakia for party´s character. Party is member of International coordination of revolutionary parties and organisations (ICOR –

How would you call the time between 1948 and 1989? Why?

Despite all the mistakes I call it “socialism”. Because produced goods or profit belongs to people of Republic not to businessmans as today.

What do you know about it?

I know that socialism was 1000-times more normal, humanic and justiciable as today´s capitalist regime by way political, economical and cultural. But I must be critic about careerism and opportunism in party, because of this regime start to go back to capitalism. The privilegy of party was not as today capitalist class, but capitalist countries use any injustice to try fall down socialism. You can see, that capitalist want to find and present any view to starvation and poor in socialist or anti-imperialist countries – but in capitalist world you are tripping over poor and hungry, homeless. Capitalist are crying when they see hungry children – but only when it is in DPRK, Venezuela or Cuba. Hungry children in capitalism is stupid and incompetent idiot, who should be billionare if t want. This is first, second is that communist must serve the people, fight for class teach the class and learn from class – not to be something “special” and “privilegged”

Did you study this period in school or University?

I study it all-the life, so in University too. But I was in contradiction of what teachers talking, but I have no problem to tell them my class-view on things with respect – without any aggressive attack. To today some professors are talking students about me. “We had communist here, and he seriously defended his standings” they said.

Did your parents or grandparents told you stories about their life back then? If yes what kind of stories?

Yes of course. Both my parents and all my family have sympathies to socialism. For example when somebody did any big financial swindle, my father tell me that it can not happen in socialism.

Do you think Communism was imposed on Slovaks?

It depends of class, family, region. But generally, I think that Slovaks have sympathies to socialism when somebody talk about it. They are not aggressive anticommunist. But I think that today they are not thinking to take it back, they are not satisfied with this regime, they have no vision. They are accepting this system and their hard role in system. “We can do nothing” is opinion. But there is nothing to be surprised. If “leading power of society (KSČ)” is traitor, we can not suppose, that after counterrevolution there will be class consciousness and militant workers movement. Society is dezoriented marxist-leninist movement is only rising with all the problems on way. This is good moment for fascism. Because fascist is discontented idiot. We have here something as “protest movement”, but it is not ideologicaly bordered a lot of people have no problem to visit demonstration where is protest. Today fascist and tommorow communist.

What do you know about 1968? Where from?

Prague spring” was political way to restore capitalism in Czechoslovakia, but it was called “socialism with human face” – becasuse if they said “capitalism” people did not want it. Communists in party was in minority, economical reform by Ota Šik was classical restoration-capitalism reform. Leading persons of party was only looking on restoration process. I think that year 1989 showed the truth about what was going in 1968. I dont think that there was not mistakes before 1968, but capitalist wants to use any mistake of communist to restoration capitalism. I don’t think that tanks was good solution, but regime had experience with Hungarian very aggressive fascist counterrevolution in 1956, and they want to prevent it here. And in totally opened west-east border it will be not problem.

What do you think about Dubcek?

I dont think that Dubček was bad people. He think it to do good, but he was very naive, special in class struggle. He can not understand that capitalists do not respect and tolerate right nation to own their country, industry, production, services, agroculture,.....They respect only private owning and playing casino with it. We can not smile on them, when we want to have normal life.

And Husak?

Husak was political-realist.

How would you describe the period known as “normalisation”?

This period I can call – period of peace, stability, normal life, building families, work and free time too. I know that this period will come to open counterrevolution, but if I can choose in which period I would like to start building my family and in which world should grow my children, “normalisation” is human, moral and peaceful choice.

Point out negative and positive sides of Communism?

The most positive is that socialism is a solution of capitalism contradictions. The people work together for themself. Negative is that socialism is in hard conditions of class-war. It is very hard conditions when you are in war and must be very careful. You know what can do mafia, when you take them one business – and now imagine what they do when you cut them half planet!

Do you think there was social justice during Socialism?

Yes of course, because we work fork us, we were not “thing” that are flying as “free market” and capitalist casino wants. Of course some people was privilegued, but it is nothing comapare to todays system.

Compare the educational and healthcare systems before and after 1989.

Educational system is still right – but not as in socialism – healthcare is pure business. I think it is crime against humanity and privatisation and profit in this area should be on peoples court.

Compare the social system.

In socialism we work for us – in capitalism we work for capitalists. In socialism work is way to welfare, in capitalism work is product to make profit and normal life, social things are barrier of „effective economic“.

What was the quality of products and goods?

Where did you get your information about the Socialist period?

What happened in November 1989? What have changed? What didn’t?

Do you think Slovaks wanted the change? Why?

How do you feel about the split of Czechoslovakia?

What happened in the 90’s in Slovakia?

What do you think about the transition period? Do you think it was what people expected? Why?

Do you think the transition period is over? Why?

Why do you think the right parties lost the public trust?

Did society change? How?

Do you think the political system before 1989 influenced the development of society after the change? How?

What do you think democracy is?

Do you think there is democracy now in Slovakia?

When do you think life was better? Before or after 1989? Why?


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