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"Regime Crises and Immunity Attack to HDP" & "What Germany Wants from Turkey?"

by MLCP, International Bulletin 163, 19 May 2016

The consequences of dirty war conducted by President Erdogan and the AKP government at home (Northern Kurdistan) and in the region deepens and resolves the crises of the colonial fascist regime. The developments in the last month as follows: President Erdogan has intervened with the management of AKP, of which he is a founder. He achieved the resignation of Prime Minister Davutoglu who did not fully bow his head to him. He ordered AKP MPs and state bureaucrats to join in the meetings of Constitution Commission in the parliament. He ordered them quickly to lift the immunity of mostly Kurdish HDP MPs those whom he calls “terrorists in the parliament” with tyranny and physical attack. And thus he moved the fascist state terror into parliament too. The journalist Can Dundar has been accused with “treason” and “spying” and imprisoned by Erdogan because of exposing the trucks full of weapons sent to ISIS by Erdogan and fascist regime. And Dundar was also subjected to gun attack when he went to court on 6 May. Erdogan and the AKP government want to surmount the regime crises through one-man dictatorship, Kingdom and “Turkish-type Presidency”. They aim to strengthen political Islamic fascist regime.

Thus it once more became clear that AKP's -who governed for 13 years under the slogan of “advanced democracy” and “membership to EU”- “democratic politics” and “solution process” in the Kurdish question was a full insincerity and hypocrisy.

The attack to lift immunity on HDP Mps aims not only the prevention of the strengthening of HDP who gained %13 of the votes on 7 June 2015 but to liquidate it. This attack is an attack against Kurdish people, Alewites, different belief groups, national communities, women, the youth and all revolutionary forces. Because HDP is an organization and struggle tool of all these political and social sections. Because HDP is the only party which could stop the dictatorship of “Turkish-type Presidency”.

The attack to lift immunity is an attack against the choice and will-power of the people. The attacks against journalists, academicians, the parties defending revolution and freedom, the youth and women on the basis of Kurdish enmity, have been widened to Amedspor (football team representing Kurdish city Diyarbakir) directors and players, to relatives of Kurdish prisoners, and lynching of people who speak Kurdish on the street. And continued with dismissals , trial and imprisonment of elected mayors and members of assemblies in the Kurdish cities; break of will-power and imprisonment of elected democrat, revolutionary and patriot representatives.

Turkish Assembly will consider the lifting the HDP representatives' immunity on 16 May 2016. And most probably they will achieve their aim to take 59 HDP representatives out of the parliament and try them through votes of fascist MHP , nationalist CHP and political Islamic fascist AKP representatives.

HDP co-chairs and representatives have announced that they will always and every where, including in parliament, resist to such fascist attacks, will not give statement to the courts and prosecutors in the government direction, any “touch” to one of them would be considered as an attack to all HDP representatives. And as a first step, the HDP representatives have been attacked by the members of fascist-reactionary regime party during talk in the parliament.

HDP announced that it will continue to organize “no to dictatorship and coup, do not touch my representative and will-power campaign” both in the parliament and all over the country. The revolutionary and progressive parties, democratic mass organizations, trade unions and intellectuals signed a declaration called “do not touch the people's will-power and their voice in the parliament”. And the number of signatories is getting higher everyday. and

Fascist Erdogan's attacks and tyrant policies “either you will bow your head or give your head” on Kurdish people, Alewites, women, laborers and revolutionary structures will be smashed by the united revolutionary resistance and strength of the HBDH (People's United Revolutionary Movement) who very recently announced its foundation.


What Germany Wants from Turkey?

Recently, especially after the flow of migrants to EU through Turkey, there is a diplomatic traffic between Turkey and Germany which has not been seen since the 2nd World War. The real and visible side of the matter is the undeniable key role of Turkey in preventing entrance of migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria to Europe. This is why Germany, the hegemonic power within the EU, have taken steps to solve migration question in line with the policies designed by Merkel. These steps have ended with agreement between Turkey and EU in the end. The most important parts of the agreement are; EU to pay 6 billion dollars to Turkey until 2018, Turkish citizens to enter EU without visa, Turkey to prevent migrant passage and to accept migrants who will be sent back. Considering the recent statements from both sides, it is highly possible that the agreement may become invalid due to conditions to lift visas.

As the Prime Minister, A. Merkel has became the highest foreigner political representative who frequently visited Turkey on top level. It is one of her very well known characteristics that she does not hold special sympathy to Erdogan, Davutoglu, and Turkey and its citizens in general. This is why her frequent visits cannot be explained only with migrant question. Her direct deal with migrant question does not mean that Merkel to visit Turkey personally. Such diplomatic traffic could have been conducted through different mechanisms.

It is very clear that the high attention does have direct relation with German imperialism's interests in the Middle East. German imperialism wants to intervene directly with the developments in the Middle East upon Turkey and Syrian war. It does not consider the EU and NATO as enough to be active in the Middle East.

Not only Germany but the EU as a whole is dependent of Russia in regards to natural gas energy and its transportation. The transportation of natural gas energy from Iran, the Middle East (including the energy resources in Eastern Mediterranean) and Caspian Basin (Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) to Europe is the only way to become free from this dependence. And Turkey is the only serious route for this.

The Sykes-Picot agreement, which represents division of the Middle East by France and Britain in 1916 for their colonial interests, is no more valid in practice. This is being shown the struggle of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, the divided situation of Iraq in practice and the war in Syria. In the strategic and energy-based re-devision of the Middle East, German imperialists consider the relations with Turkey as important directly for their own interests rather than EU.

The active role played by German imperialism in the developments within the Middle East should not be forgotten; it is the Germany who gave the weapon to US and Israel that was used to kill Refik Hariri in 2005. It is the Germany who organized the “Friends of Syria” meeting in Abu Dabi in 2012; this meeting aimed re-sharing of Syrian natural gas resources. Germany is ne of the countries who follow Geneva meetings so closely. And now it directly involves with the Syrian centered Middle East questions due to so-called fight against ISIS and migrant question. This is why they demanded temporarily to position in Incirlik from Turkey and their demand has been accepted.

Now German imperialism is in the position of the most important and closest supporter of fascist dictatorship and dictator Erdogan in Turkey. Germany is one of the countries who does not say anything but support the destruction of cities in Northern Kurdistan and the killing of Kurdish people. It is one of the states who made easy for fascist dictatorship the massacres by not seeing them but saying “it is the natural right of every state”. It has minimized its understanding of democracy to abolishment of repression on media. Furthermore, it is Germany who directly defends Turkey's, especially Erdogan's “Buffer Zone” or “No-fly Zone” policy. Merkel frequently talks about this.

German imperialism wants to participate in the re-division process of the Middle East in practice and believes that it can only do this upon Turkey.

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