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Solidarity with the working class and people at Yemen

Revolutionary Communist Party - Egypt, 11 August 2016


Dear comrades
Red revolutionary greetings from R C P -Eypt .
This is a solidarity address with the working class and people at Yemen.
============================== ======
Since more than one year the yemen peopke suffer from the crisis of the dirty war that kill everything and destroys all the abilities of the people there ,  with clear collusion from international and regional power by its participating at  Imperial zionist invasion directly , and its tools at region like KSA and Gulf state that participate at invasion also Egypt , The Sudan and all other agent regimes to serve the fascist American imperial project for controlling the region wealth and destroying factories , farms and everything can be a neucleus for National  Independence.
Tuesday morning 9 August 2016 the invasion power bombed factory at The capital Sanaa (El Akel factory) and killed- with cold blood- the Yemeni prolitariat.
We as R.C.P.-Egypt defense the prolitaria all over the world , condamn forcefully this crime so we condamn the Egyptian regime that push the Egyptians at war by sending military forces share killing, starvation, displacement and seige the Yemen people from air and sea to serve his  imperial boss and its dirty regional tails.
We demand get back of Egyptian forces that share at this invasion and this dirty war.
We say does Egyptian Army forget the Zionist invasion at june 1967 and killing about Million Egyptian citizen?! , destroying factories while the workers inside at Helwan and Abu Zaabal ?! and killing children at Bahr Elbaqar school?! Does we transformed from a state under imperial zionist invasion to a state invade other countries to serve Imprialism and its regional dirty tails ?!
Does our army which formed from all Egyptians to defend our country transform to mercenaries excute orders of their boss and co-operate at success of their plan and project to control the wealth of our countries that aiming to patriotic independence and finishing the Imperial domination by building Socialsm ?! Does this Entity -that supposed to be great- transform to adwarf role and being a tool at hand of agent ruler ?! Do we transformed from army of the people to people of the army ?!
We invite all communist parties and organisations with workers unions to stand together and support Yemen workers by holding events against this invasion with putting pressure on their governments that participate at invasion by any way. Silence on this crime not against Yemen workers only but also against the international working class and against humanity. The silent today should know that tomorrow Imperialism will not give them mercy.
Finally we greet the struggle and courage of Yemen people defending his country and resistance of invasions.

All workers and oppressed people unite
Long live international solidarity.  
Long working class all over the world and its allies from peasants and socialist students.
Long live Yemen people struggle.
Long live Marxism Leninism.
Revolutionary Communist Party - Egypt.
Central Committee.
International Office.

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