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VZDOR Elections statement: We accept the results and we do not regret our participation

by VZDOR, 20 march 2016

Dear Comrades,

we have finally completed our historically first parliamentary
elections here in Slovakia with these results:
20th place within the list of 23 competing political parts and
movements, 0,12% of votes and 3182 votes altogether.

We have expressed our gratitude for the trust we gained from our voters
in the statement, which was published on our web site:

Please see below for the translation.

With communist regards,
RESISTANCE-Labour Party (VZDOR-strana práce)


We would like to express gratitude for every single vote that was given to our party Resistance-Labour Party in the parliamentary elections. We openly admit that we have not expected a large number, but we expected better result. We acknowledge electoral defeat, but at the same time we are aware that the truth we believe in must be spread, despite the fact that society is dominated by other political views right now. What is important and interesting today may not be tomorrow. We must be ready for the time when society is ready and hungry for the thoughts and principles we are fighting for. We refuse populism and also correction of our beliefs to that what people want to hear momentarily. We can correct and adapt our tactics and strategy but we must never compromise the core of our beliefs.

We do not regret attendance in the parliamentary elections despite the low number of votes we received. Elections were just another big step for our small party. The party and its principles have become more known to the wide public. And since we are not media project or party for one elections, the attendance in the elections was an important part of our strategy and plan for the future. We still want to achieve that our party is legitimate and lasting revolutionary Marxist-Leninist subject on the political scene and also in the various bureaus and councils.

We plan to demonstrate the fact that we are not just an “elections party” soon after elections by continuation in our work in non-parliamentary areas. Dozens have sent application form to our party during the election and campaign period. We would also like to finish building of the local and core structures of the party as well as finish some started projects and rework our election program and least but not last reach out to the workers in the workplaces, etc.

Despite the unfavorable results in the elections the party is becoming stronger and bigger every month. After all we have almost doubled the number of votes we have received in the last elections into the Euro-parliament.

Our conviction will not allow us to quit and give up. We will continue in our work and struggle for better tomorrow for everybody.

Central committee,

Resistance-Labour Party

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