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We salute the Unity Congress of Tunisian Communists

by MLCP, International Bulletin No. 161, 29 March 2016

The Tunisian communists have ended successfully the two-years-long unity struggle and the groups have left behind the world of organizations and found their party. The foundation of the patriotic Democratic Socialist Party has been announced in the unity congress organized on 27-28 February 2016.

The unity process in Tunisia actually started with Wadad's party process in 2002-2003. After the 2010 uprising, there had been concentrated development in the unity process. Five organizations (Patriotic Socialist Revolutionary Party (WATAD)-Movement for Liberation of Labor-Marxist Leninist Patriotic Democrats- Bolshevik Unity and Patriotic Democrats), at first founded a platform primarily to deal with 10 most important points in order to advance the unity process. They took the decision that there will be no unity with Maoists, Trotskyts, Euro-Communists and the organizations defending the Soviet modern revisionism. Furthermore they took as a base the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Komintern, in short the Marxism-Leninism.

From the following view point, we again understand how important is the unity of revolutionaries and communists in Tunisia:

Three steps of the unity:

1) Party Unity 2) A revolutionary front unity if there will be no party unity reached 3) Unity in action if there will be no revolutionary front unity reached.

They acted in line of that the party unity cannot be reached without the ideological struggle. The organizations joined in the unity process say that they did not come across with great difficulties during discussions because they characterized themselves as Marxist-Leninist. But they also accepted that there will be struggle in order to overcome some problems on organizational and political questions.

Than they entered into a condense discussions on unity. The five organizations and other circles who joined in the unity process started to organize common struggles in practice. The common struggles in practice brought them together more and more. As a result, they formed a coalition to advance the unity process. They organized legal and illegal seminars that were joined by cadres from five organizations. As a result of these seminars and discussion, they prepared 5 documents: 1) Constitution 2) General Program 3) Minimum Program 4) Strategy and Tactic 5) Revolution. They share the same thoughts on these topics.

The coalition, which is the expression of structure before the party, was organized in 18 region in total of 24 regions of the country. And they had formed cells in other 8 regions.

Than they have followed the following path in order to advance the unity process: 1) Illegal discussions 2) Illegal and legal seminars 3) A newspaper as a legal publication of the coalition and 4) Organs for internal discussions.

In the Congress every region was represented by two and the big regions represented by three delegates. The youth and women organizations were represented too. The Congress analyzed the political situation in the world, the Middle East and the Arab nations, imperialist crises and its worldwide attacks, economic problems of various Arab countries (Libya, Syria, Yemen) and the general situation in Tunisia; and took decisions on general program, minimum program, strategy and tactic, national question, the youth, women, culture, environment and terrorism.

Furthermore the Congress accepted resolutions on “national patriotic question”, revolution in the imperialist era and actual characteristics of the class struggle in Tunisia.

The organizations those who took part in the unity process and realized the unity decided to dissolve themselves and unite in the Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party.

The Tunisian communists, who say that they have analyzed the MKCP's foundation process, have grown their claim for the Tunisian revolution with their new party, a product of the unity.

It was the expression of another seriousness when they have invited the other organizations who did not take part in the unity process to the Congress. The representatives of these organizations have saluted the unity with short speeches.

The Congress was ended with the singing of International in the languages of the participants (Arabic, Turkish, German, English and French)

The international seminar on “Uprisings, Revolutions and the Tasks of the Communists” that was organized on 26 February was also very important in attracting attentions on Kurdish question, the developments in Middle East, Palestinian question and the regional revolution by participation of various organizations and MLCP.

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