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100 years of October revolution

Revolutionary Communist Party – Egypt (RCP) 09/01/2017


Dear comrades 

          This year we celebrate 100 years of great Socialist October revolution that held by Bolshevik party at Russia. Lenin and his comrades had the upper hand at this revolution.

  When we speak about this great revolution, we don't wanna to tell only the historical facts but also we should make use and develop it according to place and time. We should struggle to achieve socialism so we should answer some questions:-


 1) Was Socialism necessary at Russia?!

      Presence of oppressed people, peasants, workers, country sinking at exploitation, darkness and invasion by other countries all this made Socialism necessary to get rid of those problems.

 After difficult struggle from Russian people they found only Lenin and his comrades at  Russian Democratic Socialist party (Bolshevik) to express their wishes at life free of exploitation, poverty, colonization. From this point Russian people chose Socialism to build economy based on production for satisfaction not for money collecting. This production transformed Russia from country of wooden plow to a great nuclear country and went space before anyone could.

        Russian people transformed from full of myths and amusing stories to people of great industrial and agricultural country. Country of science, culture, technology and civilization. Russia become independent and had self-independence. All that because of its human resources & people who loved Socialism.

Benefits of Socialism wasn't for Russian people only but for all of oppressed nations that was under oppression from the x Cesar regime. Revolution supported all national liberation movements, revolutionary movements and country aiming for Socialism. 

      Socialism at Russia created new world with equilibrium between Socialism & imperialism bourgeoisie. The great Socialism continued its victories and Defeat of German fascism at its home [Germany]. If socialism wasn't existing, the world would be under the weight of fascism. Socialism kept that planet away from destruction. 

  For all that we say that Socialism was necessary to save the humanity not Russian people only. 

     Socialism as a model became a symbol for all people who aimed to end exploitation of human kind. People knew the differences between Socialism and Capitalism. The two models became in front of people no 3rd choice. They were at test of choice between poverty, unfairness, disease, illiteracy at capitalism or free life, fairness, wealth and technology at Socialism. The example was very clear as Socialism kept Russia away from crisis of great depression as it didn't affect by it because of socialism which doesn't know economic crises like that. 


2) The true Lenin analysis about achievement of Socialism at weakest capitalist ring not at its strong one. 

         After a lot of studies inside capitalism, Lenin found himself in front of new analysis different from analysis of Karl Marx as Marx said that Socialism will be at the strong capitalist rings first because of goods over-stocking which will lead to closing of factories that will lead workers to revolt and active Socialism. 

 Lenin found that bourgeoisie developed and became imperialism by exporting goods to other countries side by side exporting crisis itself. Lenin stated a new law "Imperialism is the highest level of Capitalism" and this means that Capitalism will fall from the weakest ring not the strongest one. Weak rings that became a market for capitalist goods will be forced to close factories and lay off workers so oppressed people will not find any way for solving this crisis except Socialism, so Capitalism will fall here at weak rings.

    Russia at this time was one of the weakest rings, but the weakest one because of colonization and because of Russian bourgeoisie itself that was unable to complete its own project. It was an agent bourgeoisie as it opened its market for imported goods leading to undeveloppement and weakness of Russian industry. Workers didn't find the basics of life so Russian people was in need for new theories and new solutions to get free of exploitation and poverty. Here Lenin was at time with his new analysis & his call to Russian people to achieve Socialism for better life. Russian people convinced and get up from deep sleep. Lenin insisted on the revolutionary role of peasants and their role at achievement of Socialism at Russia. The Russian people began the revolution harbingers which led to 1905 revolution. In spite of its defeat because of that the party was unready yet, it was an accumulation & an important action at history. At 1910 Lenin refused to share at an-other revolution as it was a bourgeoisie-bourgeoisie conflict which not belonged to workers & communists. Lenin preferred to build the party and interact with working class side by side with all Russian people till preparing the self-condition. At October 1917 was the moment of objective condition and self-condition was ready to begin the new country which achieved dignity, fairness as reality on the land. Socialism became a model followed by all oppressed at the planet and a compass to get free of exploitation, sleeveless and oppression to get free of Capitalism. 


  3) Why Soviet Union collapsed?!

        First of all we should illustrate that what have been collapsed wasn't Socialism or Soviet Union under leadership of Lenin and Stalin but it was under leadership of revisionists and agents. 

 Secondary, we should answer why collapse happen?!

        Socialism at Soviet Union was new and never preceded by any experiment by scientific meaning. The experience of comrades was limited at this time. Russia was at direct war in many fronts inside in addition to leakage of pushy people inside the party during comrades preoccupation of building Socialism.

Loss of Bolshevik party cadres at great patriotic war and the mass loss of working class also. Assassination of leaders as comrade leader Kirov that assassinated by one of the Trotskyists who was still keeping the Bolshevik party card. 

      After Lenin's death the conspiracies began to get the revolution down in form of Stalin's opposition. He was rigid and deserving responsibility that Lenin passes it to him indeed. Conspiracies continued till assassination of comrade Stalin himself at the end. 

 After that revisionism began to appear clearly in many ways as non-capitalist development, parliament way, non-aligned movement, and idea of all people country instead of dictatorship of working class. 

 At 20th congress the party under leadership of Khrushchev the revisionist cancelled the 5th five years plan that been planned under leadership of comrade Stalin, this plan was the gate to pass to Communism. 

     Bourgeoisie thoughts began to spread like individual motivation, ego and subjectivity. This current had been pushed to control economy and end the Socialist economy. The Communist party role was ended completely even before collapse and betty bourgeoisie became in charge instead of working class which led to collapse of agriculture and industry. 

      Russia now lives on legacy of Soviet Union that was under leadership of comrades Lenin & Stalin. After collapse the universe became unipolar and U.S.A. dominated the world containing semi-colonized and even Europe itself. For example, U.S. invaded Iraq by U.N. decision claiming that it containing nuclear weapons and before that bombing of Afghanistan. Appearance of alternative power called terrorism which made by U.S. to serve its avidity and control Middle East and semi-colonized wealth. 

      We insists that not the Socialism that has been collapsed but the revisionism and its thoughts. The crisis of Soviet Union collapse still affect the whole planet as presence of Socialism was as safety fort for all oppressed and poor people.


  4) are we in need for Socialist models to support Socialist parties to build Socialism at its countries?!

       After 100 years of October great Revolution we pass through the same situations as domination of U.S. on wealth of our countries. We need new Socialist country to make power balance internationally and end betty bourgeoisie (service production bourgeoisie) to end poverty, exploitation and all types of colonization. 

     The causes of 1917 revolution are the same now even worse in absence of Soviet Union. The Socialism at S.U. under leadership of Lenin and Stalin was a strong evidence on fairness and progressive society gives dignity and better life to its people. We need model now as the bourgeoisie don't produce the essential products but gaining more profits by production of illusion in form of services, because of that people suffer a lot. 

      Humanity now reached levels of development, science and technology which make it able to produce all humanity needs and even more than that but betty bourgeoisie is an obstruction in front of that. It delays that for its own interest. It enters world at wars and many crisis that have no end only by Socialism that can protect world from destruction and loss. Socialism is the only way for better life free of poverty, hunger, unemployment, wars and exploitation. 

      We as a Revolutionary Communist Party- Egypt call all our comrades at revolutionary and communist parties to unite together for socialist revolution over through betty bourgeoisie. We support all our comrades and press on their hands to concentrate our struggle and efforts. We should connect more with our people and the party should connect more with mass all that to gain victory and rise the Socialist flags again. 


5) Why we insist on socialism revolution and Marxism Leninism?!

        Before the great Karl Marx there were a lot of philosophers who interested in explaining the societies and analyzing it to answer people questions but no one gave them the solution for problem and answer the question how?! 

       Karl Marx appeared and he wasn't just a philosopher but he studied history, sociology and economy with a lot of science fields made him a symbol & humanity liberator through Marxism for all people. Marx analyzed the society and found the disease and medicine. He found full answers to questions that people asked and he deserve to be the philosopher of poor people and some criticize him for that!!. People convinced with Marxism as it was the only way to liberation. 

       He wrote with his comrade Engels the communist Manifesto which was a summary for Marxism at 1848. It gave answers and solutions to over through bourgeoisie. Manifesto became the political program for all people not only the communist parties so we insist on Marxism as it's a scientific theory not a visionary one. 

     Lenin appeared and studied a lot of philosophy types and found that his society needs Marxism. This philosophy which connects with the materialistic

reality of life, philosophy of workers who produce life and being exploited by Capitalists. He found the Russian Social Democratic Party (RSDP) and called people to join him to be ready for socialist revolution to overthrow the czar regime.

      Lenin developed Marxism as it's not dogma and its flexible according to time and place without violation of its original roles. The most important additions of Lenin were his books for example, "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism ", " The State and Revolution ", " Materialism and critique of experimental doctrine" and many books. He also didn't ignore the revisionism of Kautsky. 

    Stalin also struggled against rightist and revisionist and trotskyist thoughts outside and inside the Soviet Union. He wrote "The Foundations of Leninism", "On the Problems of Leninism", "Marxism in linguistics", "Marxism and the National Question", "Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R." and many other books. 

      Lenin added very important ideas to organization and every party follow it till now. Those thoughts were at his addresses and books like "what we should start with", "What Is to Be done?", "One Step Forward Two Steps Back" and "for new type party". He was the 1st to demand and insist on electing workers at Central Committee and he was right as this keeping party connected with people. 

     We said that Marxist only is not sufficient but Marxism Leninism do and it's our slogan "Marxism Leninism". This philosophy which transformed Russia from country of wooden plow to great nuclear one under leadership of great Lenin and Stalin. 

   R.C.P. - Egypt and all its members sincerely follow the way of past Bolsheviks. 

    Together with all revolutionary, Communist, progressive power at the world toward better life free of exploitation hunger and un-employment. 



Long live struggle of working class, peasants and socialist students.

 Long live Communists struggle. 

 Long live Communist International

 Long live Marxism Leninism

 Long live great October  Bolshevik revolution 

 Long live comrades Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin


R.C.P. -Egypt 



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