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Campaign Call for the 100th Anniversary of the Socialist October Revolution

by ICOR ICC, 24 February 2017

The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Socialist October Revolution. This anniversary is the very own matter of the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist and working-class movement. The 2nd ICOR World Conference adopted a farsighted decision for that:

In 2017, all over the world the 100th anniversary of the Socialist October Revolution will be commemorated, the revolution which not only changed Russia, but the world. For the first time in the history of humankind the working class under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party with its chairman Lenin had conquered state power by overthrowing the backward and brutal tsarism. (…) The ICOR will pay tribute to the Socialist October Revolution in keeping with its universality and its relevance to the present and will organize a joint worldwide campaign on the occasion of the 100th anniversary (…). This joint campaign in the spirit of the Socialist October Revolution is addressed to the international working class and the peoples of the world fighting against imperialist barbarism and for a bright future of humankind. Long live the Socialist October Revolution! Long live socialism! Forward with the ICOR!” (Decision of the ICOR World Conference)

Today the general crisis of imperialism manifests itself in all its gravity. The election of Donald Trump as US president is a manifestation of the shift to the right by those in power in the USA. His aggressive, racist and protofascist politics of protectionism, of repression of democrats, antifascists and revolutionaries intensifies the world situation. Similar developments appear also in other states and are not an expression of strength of those in power. Rather they are a reaction to the deepening general crisis-proneness of the imperialist world system, which itself obtains a new quality due to these politics. The reactionary politics are an attempt to channel the search of the masses for a societal alternative to rightist forces. Imperialist wars and fascist terror organizations threaten the lives of millions. Worldwide more than 65 million people are fleeing. Workers face the challenge to wage an internationally coordinated fight against exploitation and oppression. In view of a threatening international environmental catastrophe the international environmental movement must act jointly with the working-class movement. The women of the world organize themselves and coordinate their activities against double exploitation and special forms of oppression. The rebellion of the youth is directed against the lack of prospects offered to them by imperialism. Political crises are becoming more frequent.

This situation calls for a strengthening of the revolutionary forces!

But so far the revolutionary forces are not sufficient for satisfying the search for a societal alternative among the workers and the broad masses, for giving all the important struggles, uprisings and rebellions a clear direction and perspective in the struggle for democracy, freedom – socialism! The ICOR is the union for practical collaboration and mutual support in class struggle and party-building. Presently it consists of 48 member organizations from 41 countries and has connections to 20 more. They practically collaborate on annual days of struggle for saving the environment, May Day, Anti-war Days and and on 8 March – the worldwide day of struggle for the liberation of women. The ICOR gave a worldwide respected signal with its 177 brigadists who built a health-care center under the most difficult conditions in Kobanê in Rojava/North Syria, which had been occupied and destroyed by Daesh (IS), but was finally liberated. The ICOR issues resolutions on current topics and organizes global activities – like for example on the occasion of the inauguration of the arch-reactionary Trump.

The campaign initiated by the ICOR and supported by the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO – International Newsletter) consists of two pillars: the organizations of ICOR and ICMLPO in the individual countries, the continental coordinations of ICOR and cooperating alliances organize national, regional and continental activities. Please, inform yourselves about that on the ICOR website! Central activities and climax are an international theoretical seminar and a cultural mass event in Germany from 27 to 29 October with planned 1,000 – 1,500 participants. Between 6 and 9 November 2017 national delegations will take part in the international demonstration in St. Petersburg on 7 November at the sites of the October Revolution.

The ICOR calls upon all persons looking for a societal alternative, all class-conscious workers, the oppressed peoples, the militant women, the rebellious youth and the broad masses:


Let us learn from the October Revolution! Let us unfold a mass discussion on the liberation from exploitation and oppression in socialism!


Let us firmly counter the anticommunist smear campaign to be expected!


Let us strengthen the Marxist-Leninist parties for leading the struggle of the working class and the masses in the different countries!


Let us organize hundreds of thousands in the worldwide revolutionary movement and strengthen the worldwide coordination and cooperation by the ICOR!


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